How We Charge More Than Our Images are Worth! – Katelyn James

We have a treat for you guys today!

The brilliant and talented Katelyn James is sharing how you can charge more than what you’re images are worth. Intrigued?

Before we hand it over to Katelyn, for those of you who may not be familiar with her, let us brag on her for a second!  We could tell you how she brilliantly started her business out of her dorm room and is now charging a premium for her services, or we could share all the publications she’s been published in or how she’s the leader in building community with her brides, or we could share about her crazy talent for brand and design (don’t even get us started on her interior design!), but we won’t :)

Instead, let us brag on how she is truly such a genuine, caring person, with such a sweet spirit with a heart of gold :) We hope you get the chance to meet her and her husband Michael one day and you’ll see that we’re exactly right.

In the meantime, enjoy her post on how to charge more!

Hi Everyone! 

I’m Katelyn and it’s an honor to connect with all of you!  I’m excited to share some of the foundational steps that we have taken to catapult our wedding photography business!! We have brought in a 6 figure income for the past 4 years and that’s not easy to do when you’re in a heavily saturated and ever-growing industry!!  



I’ve said it before and I stand by this bold statement… I honestly think that my work is worth about $3200. Based on my image quality and my experience, I think $3200 would be a fair price. I’ve been in business going on eight years now and I’m amazed at the fact that almost all of the young, female photographers shoot with the exact same equipment! This means that our work looks very similar! So how in the world am I charging well over $7000 for my wedding photography services when my images quality is worth around $3200 and the industry is over saturated? Community & Value.  That’s the answer!

For years we have been studying our own business and what we have found that WORKS is a very simple concept. Serve people, build community, and VALUE will follow. I have created a marketing strategy around the fact that brides long to have community and they desire an EXPERIENCE… not just pretty wedding pictures. I have adopted Seth Godin’s “Tribes” approach to my business and I have united my “KJ Brides” to form a community that allows our value to sky rocket!!  The more that our community grows and strengthens, the more we are in demand. The more we are in demand, the more we raise our prices!

So how do you increase the value of your services? Think about it, if you only market with your images, you only have one area of your business that is defining your value. One dimensional value isn’t reliable or scalable.  If you begin leading and growing a community around your brand, you instantly have value in who you are personally and what your client’s experience offers to your community. Instead of just basing our value on our image quality, we have created value through our reputation, our personalities, our KJ community, and the scarcity of our services. If you want to be a KJ Bride, there are only 30 spots a year! We’ve realized that our value isn’t upheld simply by how beautiful our work is, it’s determined by the way we serve our couples.

Ultimately, the mission of our business is to serve couples and enhance their marriages by being an example. Sure, we want to make a great profit, but we want our business to be “life-changing” and not just “money making” at the end of the day. The crazy thing is, the more we focus on service, the more valuable we become. It’s a wonderful cycle!

So what are some practical ways to start building your community and increasing your value? Here are five steps that you can begin implementing today!

1. Decide to prioritize forming community over just finding customers

It’s a mindset change. We’re not about the transaction, we’re about the relationship! 

2. Accept your leadership position in the community that you’re starting to form and SHOW UP!

Be consistent in how you connect to your community whether that’s through Instagram, Facebook, your blog, etc.

3. Analyze your online and social media presence

Are you just pushing your images out to potential clients or are you showing who you are and why your community loves and supports you and your business?

4. Exceed EVERY expectation

When you combine your relationship with your client with the power of exceeding expectations, that’s a recipe for the best reputation in town!

5. Educate your current and future community

Consistently show how you love and serve your clients so that future clients desire that before they even book with you.

Here’s to growing communities, building value and making a difference with our businesses!!! 

We hope you enjoyed this as much as we did!  No go ahead and start implementing the items Katelyn shared!


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