IN-CAMERA Color Correction with Flash (Video)

Have you ever walked into a reception, ready to bounce your on-camera flash off the walls, only to find out the walls are red, green or worse? What happens when you bounce that light off of them? Your flash reflects that colored light onto your subject, and then you are trying to edit your client in post so they don’t look like the Hulk. Bummer!

Solution to this Annoying Problem


If we can neutralize that color from the wall, then we can get great color on our subjects at each shoot!

0002 0001 0023   We promised a video on our post from last Tuesday, so here it is! This video builds on last weeks ideas about using custom white balance to get natural looking skin tones and reduce editing time. This video is going to show you guys how we get a custom white balance when using FLASH. The first half shows you how we do it with off-camera flash, and the second half shows you how we use it for on-camera bounce flash when we have a weird colored green wall. (I know I am going hear about, so, yes, I say “awesome” WAY too many times in the video. I am working on breaking that habit. :)) Check it out!




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“I just learned how to get rid of color casts on my shots when bouncing light off of walls at a reception by @zachandjody! Check out the video at