IN-CAMERA: Light | Sacramento Photography Workshop Recap!

IN-CAMERA: Light Sacramento was so awesome! Great weather, awesome attendees, great models, killer lighting and fab images – who could ask for more? It’s amazing what one high-powered strobe on location can do!

We wanted to share with you some of the images of the day!

Zach showing the IN-CAMERA magic (below). Photo courtesy of Beth Baugher of True Love Photo.

Below is what the natural light setup looked like for this next shot you are about to see…

And here is the result! No PhotoShop folks! :)

Guiding our group through the set up… as we laugh and have fun. ha ha…

Got to love an awesome sun set!

Thanks to everyone who came out! We had a blast with you all!!

A special thanks goes to the oh-so-awesome Carmen Salazar with Carmen Salazar Photography for helping us put all the workshop details together and then Beth Baugher of True Love Photo for letting us use her suh-weet studio space!!

  • tricia

    ahh…I am so jealous! I so want to come to the nashville one but already have the flash bus workshop on Saturday and think the husband would flip if I had done another! I really, really, really hope you have another in the fall in nashville so I can come!

  • Jason Malwitz

    Thease are really cool guys! I would really like to see you two try a little high speed sync. Then you make those backgrounds a little less in focus, much easier done on overcast days like what you appear to have had here. Still way cool!

    • Jody Gray

      @Jason – the reason we don’t use high speed sync because it’s ETTL – all auto – with the flash trying to figure things out for itself. Whenever you have the flash thinking for itself (as well as camera, for that matter :), the result can be inconsistent from shot to shot. By shooting our lights and camera on manual we KNOW the look we are going to get and it’s consistent from shot to shot, which of course, makes post processing go WAY faster. :) :) This is why we stay away from high speed sync :)

  • Beth Daane

    Looks like it was a blast! That last group picture is sooo funny! Love it and love you TWO!!!

  • Luke Neumayr

    IN-CAMERA: Houston – Just a thought?

  • Jason Malwitz

    Hey Jody- Hss can certainy be ettl but definitely does not have to be. I shoot nikon and set my flashes to manual power in conjunction with HSS all the time. First with Nikon’s CLS and now with the new pocket wizard system which is even better. As long as you are shooting in manual, keeping your light to subject distance the same and not changing the power level on your flash, you will have very consistent exposures. I would love to see you guys experiment with this and do a blog post related to Hss. Thanks again!

    • Jody Gray

      @Jason – awesome :) thanks for joining in the conversation