IN-CAMERA: Light San Diego Photography Workshops Re-Cap!

Last Wednesday we just got back from San Diego and had an amazing time hanging out with new friends and shooting it up in the city! We were hosted by the amazing Jared Bauman at his awesome studio and even though it was the only day of rain in the last year out in CA, we had a break in the sky and got some beautiful light to shoot in! Check out the images below and check out our awesome model for the day’s website, fellow photographer and good friend, Keary Dee!


We started the day off talking through our system for shooting super fast lit shots on-location in any lighting conditions, then headed out to shoot!

Here you can see the set-up for the first shot and the light we were dealing with. We headed under this little mini tunnel in the parking lot because we knew we could get directional light as the light was forced inside of it. We used that light as a back-light, then added our one off-camera flash to the front.

Thanks a load to the amazing Cory and Jackie of ADA Photography for most of the behind the scenes images!!

These are some of my (Zach’s) favorite images from the shoot! The shot on the right was actually a candid image that Keary was not ready for, and I love the in-between moment expression she has. We had some really nice diffused sunlight coming in from camera left that added that nice warm rim-light glow and gave us some real depth to the shot. The trick with having a kicker or background separation light, is to make sure that it does not hit your subjects nose, especially if it’s contrasty light from say, direct sun. If it does hit their nose, then either turn their head, or whole body further away from the background light source. When the light hits their nose, it can create a really harsh, unflattering hot spot and you can have cross-lighting on the face which is not too cool.

This above image and the below one were taken at the exact same time. You can really see what controlling the light can do to the overall look of your images!

Yup, when you come to one of our workshops you actually do a light setup YOURSELF! :) Get it, Megan!

Here you can see what type of lighting we were dealing with as the sun had just set. We set up one small speedlight flash and slowed the shutter way down to 1/10th of a second, then added our main light and got the below shots! We also had Keary’s hot hubby hop in for a few! Easy guys, fogging up our lens!


Thanks to all of our awesome attendees for coming out! We had a blast hanging with you and can’t wait for our London, England workshop next week at the ShutterRock Stomp Event! There is literally 2 seats left to our business workshop and both of our shooting workshops are completely sold out! There are still a few seats left for our talk at the Shutter Rock Stomp event, so we hope to see you there next Tuesday!!