Difference between creativeLIVE and IN-CAMERA: Light

So, we have been asked this question a few times about the new

IN-CAMERA: Light Workshop:

Dear Zach and Jody,

I have purchased and watched your creative live courses “Wedding Photo. Weekend” and “post Wedding Workflow”. I have used these lighting techniques with great success, thank you.

My question is would it still benefit me to get this  or will it be more of a review from the creative live course?

Thank you, Garret K.

The answer is yes, it will be a huge benefit and differs greatly than what we did on creativeLIVE! We would not have put out the same content twice and we want to get the info in your hands that you are looking for!

Here is what some people that have already bought the new workshop AND have seen our creativeLIVE and even been to our IN-CAMERA: Light workshop when we were teaching it in-person.

(If you’re still unsure, don’t forget that there is a money back guarantee!)



The bonuses (value $220) are going away TODAY at Midnight so grab your copy before it is too late!