IN-CAMERA: Light workshop Re-Cap!

We just had this workshop literally yesterday, and we are ready to put up all the images for the Nashville, in-camera tour stop that we had here at our home! It was an awesome day at this sold-out workshop hanging with new friends from all over the country! We had attendees come in from New York, Texas, Ohio, Alabama, Kentucky and more!


Check out the day!


We started and ended the day teaching the ins and outs of different lighting situations and how to deal with it, set it up fast and get killer results.

We then headed out behind our house to start shooting! We shot all afternoon in some good, and not so good natural lighting conditions and showed how the flash can create beautiful images if you know exactly how to use it.

We also showed the attendees how to shoot some killer panoramic shots and stitch them together with a few clicks of a button in post! Really cool!

The attendees getting their learn on!

Another couple of crazy pano shots that we did!

We were lucky to have two models, Jason and Stephanie, who were an actual couple! We were able to demo how we shoot more than one person with the off-camera lighting.

We headed out for the final location to do some multi-strobe shots and they turned out really cool. Check it!

Here is a little behind the scenes of the set up and how it was done. There are 4 lights on this shot, the main to camera right, the kicker back to the left, then two 580EX Speedlights lighting up the interior of the salt barn to make the roof glow! Then, we had to balance all of those lights with the ambient light to get the final result.

This image has zero Photoshop work done to it and was edited in Lightroom 4 with a click of a button!


We can’t wait to head to Seattle tomorrow for creativeLIVE, a speaking gig at a local photog group, then more workshops this Sunday and Monday! Want to sign up? You can do so HERE!