IN-CAMERA photography workshops are coming to Jacksonville Beach, Florida!!

Ready. Set. GO!

It’s official!   We will be hosting back to back workshops in the lovely Jacksonville Beach, Florida on December 6th and 7th!  This is going to be a fun-in-the-sun Florida style workshop with us and we are definitely hitting the beach for some rock star sunset shots!!   A special thanks goes to Dana Goodson of Dana Goodson Photography for being our point person in Florida, and a shout out goes to Gary Denman of Naturally Photography for allowing us to use his studio space for the teaching portions (located seconds from the beach!).

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We will be doing our IN-CAMERA shooting & Post workshop on the 6th and our Light workshop on the 7th.

Overview of the Gray Photography IN-CAMERA Workshop Series

– Want to learn how we are able to achieve the look of all our images without the aid of PhotoShop?
– Want to learn how we are able to edit an entire wedding in 2.5 hour solely using Lightroom?
– Want to learn how we are able to create and control light and get phenomenal images in any lighting situation and then apply that knowledge to your own style?

Our IN-CAMERA series of workshops actually show you how to shoot images that amaze right in the camera. This series of workshops will be held in Jacksonville Beach, Florida and feature class time, hands-on shooting with professional models, post-production and/or image critiques and much more. These workshops are fun, informative, and a great time to hang out with and meet other photographers who want what you want – great images without having to spend hours behind a computer screen editing!

IN-CAMERA: Shooting & Post

This one-day intensive workshop will focus on shooting your images correctly in-camera from shutter click to print.  Tired of having to fix all of your images on the computer?  Tired of adjusting your images one by one and spending so much time editing?  We will teach you how to get amazing images right inside the camera – images you would be proud to show a client right there!  Includes class time and group shoot.
This workshop will cover: Getting correct color, exposure, natural light – where to find it and how to control it, and a full demonstration of our complete post-production work flow in Adobe Lightroom.
Requirements: Basic knowledge of your DSLR with at least one fixed aperture lens (non-fixed aperture lenses are welcome!)
Bring it if you got it:  Laptop with Adobe Lightroom 2 installed to follow along through our workflow


This workshop is for the photographer who is ready to take their in-camera images to the next level. If you want to learn how to shoot in any lighting situation and create light instead of looking for it, if you want to enhance your images in a way that few do, then this is the workshop for you. This class will focus on advanced off-camera lighting using high-powered studio strobes to create a unique look for your work. This one day workshop includes class time and group shoot.
This workshop will cover: Off-camera speedlight control, manual studio strobes, how and when to use off-camera lighting, lighting ratios, lighting styles and which ones to use and when and much, much more!
Requirements: Overall knowledge of your DLSR, full understanding of controlling your camera on manual via adjusting ISO, shutter speed & aperture, at least one fixed aperture lens
Bring it if you got it: Pocket wizard, laptop for an anonymous critique at the end of the day

This class is limited to only 8 students, so sign up now to ensure a seat!!