IN-CAMERA Tour | ReCap of Charlotte

As we are about to head out to New York City for our last stop on the IN-CAMERA workshop tour, we wanted to post up our images from the SOLD-OUT Charlotte, NC stop we did a few weeks back!! We had a blast hanging in this city in the south and all the attendees were super cool! We had a stellar studio location and lots of awesome behind the scenes images shot by past attendee Lucy from Smitten & Hooked Photography!

A HUGE thanks goes out to hosts Lucy (Smitten & Hooked Photography) & Julie (In His Image Photography) (pictured below) and their fab husbands for making these workshops happen!


(photo credit Hayley Juliet!)


Enjoy the shots from the day!

Day 1: Shooting & Post – We started off in this awesome studio space talking through our shooting style and how we get the images 90% of the way there in the camera, so that our editing workflow can be lighting fast!

We headed out to start shooting in the city and had tons of cool locations within just one blog. We always start off demoing our system that we use to get our camera’s aperture, ISO and shutter speed set with the lighting and posing that we want. Then, the attendees take over and start shooting!


Day 2: Light – We started off day 2 just like day one going over gear, lighting, composition and our system for setting up super fast off-camera lighting shots so we can shoot in any lighting conditions with zero guess work.


Then we headed out into the heat in the worst time of day to shoot to get our learn on!

All 4 of the below images were shot in direct 2pm sun, which is usually one of the toughest lighting conditions to handle with digital photography.

This image above was shot at the exact same settings as the one above it (camera exposed for the highlights) with the flash off. You can see what a dramatic difference it makes using one off-camera light.

The next set-up below was an interesting one. We had a few cool looking little bushes and trees, but also had some ugly garbage cans and a building in the background.

When shot on the 24mm lens, the lit image just looked bad. So we changed the perspective by using the 85mm to get the shot we wanted and compress everything together into a nice package.

Here below is the final shot with the 85mm.

This final location was an extra set-up that we did just as time ran out. I found this cool little brick wall with a dark entrance to this old building. The natural light was fading and look pretty bad, so we decided to bust out two flashes for this one. We added one small 580EX flash with a tungsten CTO gel over it and pointed it straight up to light the darkest area of the entrance. Then we lit our model from the front with our 24×32 Westcott Softbox. Once the light was balanced together, we got the below images!

Thanks for checking out the shots!! Thanks to all of our awesome attendees for coming out and making it an amazing day!!