IN-CAMERA: Workshops | Four Years in 2 Minutes

“This is truly one of the best workshops I have ever attended!”

“I learned here more than anywhere else”

“Excellent, excellent, excellent!!! This will give me so much more time with my husband and kids. Thank-you!!!”

For the last four years we have had an amazing privilege: sharing the information we have applied in our own photography that has not only allowed us to 1) take stellar images IN-CAMERA with natural light and with on-location high-powered strobes using a systematic process, but 2) edit our images in a fast and efficient way that has freed up our lives to grow our business and spend time with each other!  And then of course, we taught our Harvest Business workshop as the third day of IN-CAMERA workshops for a few years.

The comments at the beginning of this post are a few of the hundreds we have received from attendees…. which makes this blog entry bitter-sweet.

This post is the official farewell to our IN-CAMERA workshops that after four years we are officially retiring. Yes, that means we are no longer teaching these workshops in person.

You may be thinking…

“Wait a second!!! I was hoping to attend your IN-CAMERA Workshops this year!”

Well don’t you fret! We have some exciting news that we are sharing one week from today! Mark your calendars for Wednesday, Feb 20th at NOON CST to check back here on the blog.

In the meantime, watch the last four years flash before your eyes in this short clip less-than-2-minute highlight reel with…

  • 986 attendees
  • 33 cities
  • 3 counties


[iframe: src=”″ width=”900″ height=”601″ frameborder=”0″ webkitAllowFullScreen mozallowfullscreen allowFullScreen]
A big thanks to all of the friends we made, Starbucks mugs we collected and lives changed.

So Zach & Jody, what’s next, besides your big announcement one week from now?

We’re glad you asked!

This will not be the end of our workshops, we will just be doing something new. Make sure you’re signed up to our newsletter to be the first to hear about the new workshops we are offering starting this fall!

– The only workshop we are currently offering this spring is CONNECT | A Marriage Retreat for Photographers (this is for photographers or videographer teams who work together in the business – you do NOT both have to be shooters). We sold out of seats the first round of registration, but we opened more and we have 3 spots remaining. Visit CONNECT Retreat for more information and use promo “ZACHANDJODY” to save $300 off your registration fee!

Stay tuned for our big announcement!