In the Raw Video Series – Smoke Shot Part 2


Last week  I shared a raw video I created during a personal shoot with Jason Bynum. The video showcased HOW I shot and lit the above image and all the techniques used to create the lighting effect. Today, I have another video showing you the post-process workflow that I used to composite the two final images together to create a more surreal image with the smoke.

When working with this type of editing, there are literally 100 different ways to do it. When I set out to create this shot, I decided to figure out my way of editing it in Photoshop and Lightroom to get the final result. This is only my way and I am sure there a many other ways that are just as effective. I also talk through the general idea of my edit during the video, but when I did the actual final edit (which is shown above and in the end of the video) I spent a little more time finessing the shot. You will get the overall idea of what was done so that if you want to go out and create one really different and interesting shot for yourself or a client, you can!

(Now, be sure that if you are producing more than just a few final shots for a client – like for weddings and portrait sessions – that you don’t do this type of work for ALL of those images, otherwise your business will fall apart since you are spending too much time on your workflow. :)


Enjoy the video!


If you are interested in more content like this, leave a comment below and let me know! I am on a mission to create more personal shoots this year and stretch my creative shooting further than ever before, and would love to hear what YOU are most interested in seeing next.