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Introducing Reynaldo & Janina

by Jody on September 25, 2008, posted in Featured Engagements

Coming this February, we have the pleasure of capturing the wedding of a great couple – Reynaldo & Janina coordinated by none other than Courtney Hammons of A Magical Affair. Janina is probably one of the sweetest people, and her and Reynaldo seem like the perfect fit for each other.

Some of you football sports fans might recognize our soon-to-be-groom. Even though he happens to be a celebrity of sorts in the sporting world, he’s definitely not too cool to do a photoshoot with his lovely soon-to-be-bride. ‘Naldo and Janina are both kind, genuine people and February can’t get here fast enough…

Enjoy a few photos!





Can’t wait for your wedding, you two!!

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