Headshots for the Amazingly Awesome Jen Johnson

It’s time to share some images of the shoot we did for photographer Jen Johnson!

We first met the fab Jen Johnson on Twitter forever ago it seems like.  Then, we actually met her in person when we brought our IN-CAMERA Workshops out to CA.  And yes, she was just as cool in person as she seemed to be on Twitter :)  We love Jen’s upbeat personality and how she seems to go at everything with gusto!

Jen asked us to take some headshots of her at WPPI in Las Vegas, so we set it up (we’ll leave out the whole Zach arm dislocating saga) and even with the breezy chill, Jen rocked it out.

LOVIN’ her heels and pink camera strap

Is this hair piece not the cutest??

Insert wind! Aw yeah… just like a fashion photo shoot…

Way to work it, girl :)

This shoot would not have been possible without the help of two fab ladies who we met at WPPI and came out and offered their extra hands!  Thanks Lindsi Rian (Crossed Focused Photography) and Jalene (Jalene Dort Photography).  You two are the best!!!