Is the iPad REALLY Beneficial to a Photographer’s Business?

You have heard the rumors…

You have wondered if they are true…


And you have come to the source to find out…

Ok, ok, we admit it! Yes, us PC users have added another mac to our collection of technological toys…

We have an iPad!

Is this necessary? Maybe not. Has it been convenient and fun to have? Yes.

There have been many discussions as to if the iPad is actually beneficial to a photographer and their business or is more of a luxury. So lets let the public decide. What do you think?

As you ponder this deep question we thought we would share the cooler apps we have accumulated up to this point…

Our Favorite Fun Apps so far:

-Words with Friends: Crossword puzzles with each other and with friends! Does it get any better than that?
-NYTimes: We don’t get the paper so it’s a nice and quick way to stay up on the latest news
-AllRecipes: A super cool app for cooking! You can search by ingredient, prep time, dietary needs, and more, and the coolest thing – you can change the serving amount and it will update all the ingrediants! So nice for when we cook for only two of us!

Our Favorite Business Apps so far:

-KeyNote: This bad boy isn’t free but it lets us run our powerpoints from it! Sweet!
-Simplenote: A really cool way to take notes and then share them with others simultaneously. It allows them to edit the document and it updates in real time. Coool…
-Square: We just got it and have yet to use it BUT with this bad boy you can process credit card transactions! You have to make it simple for clients to pay and this is a great tool. You can build packages and all this other fun stuff and it even generates invoice to those who pay.
-Flipboard: A social media magazine of sorts. Allows you to quickly and easily get an overview of any particular person’s social media and fows seamlessly from their tweets, retweets, tweeted blog posts, etc.
-Chronolite: We use this bad boy to keep us on track when we are speaking sometimes and first used it at For the Love. It shows you how long you have been taking as well as how much time you have left, AND when time is up, it has this nice little angel ring that you hear. So lovely. :)

As you argue your side as to if the iPad is necessary to a photography business, make sure to share which apps we need to add to our collection!! :)