It had been awhile since we had done this…

We did it…

As a photographer, one of the most valuable experiences you can have that will benefit you AND your clients is to get IN FRONT of the camera every now and then.

Yes, in front.

Not behind.


A couple weeks ago we had the huge honor of having our maternity/family photos taken by none other than Katelyn James & Amy Demos.


(Above Image by Amy Demos)

(Above Image by Katelyn James)

We loooooooooooove the shots they took of our family and we can’t thank them enough!

It’s always a great experience being shot by another photographer (or in our case, TWO photographers) and we can’t encourage you enough to make an effort to get in front of the camera on a semi regular basis.

Not only do we want to share with you images from the session (I mean, come on, how can we not? We LOVE these photos!), but we want to share our top 3 reasons why you can benefit from getting a professional photoshoot.

 >> Visit Katelyn’s blog featuring our family session!
>> Visit Amy’s blog featuring our family session!

Why You can Benefit from Having Your Own Professional Photoshoot

#1. It helps you relate to your clients better

Doing photoshoots can become second nature and we can often forget how our clients feel! They are thinking about it the week leading up, trying to plan what they are going to wear, and may even be pretty nervous the day of and at the shoot. When you schedule your own photoshoot, you are reminded of all of this and it helps you empathize with your clients so you can make sure to put them at ease throughout the process.

#2. It’s an opportunity to learn

Getting exposed to how other photographers work can be extremely beneficial and help us become better shooters as well. Being shot by Katelyn and Amy was a killer reminder on how important it is to clearly communicate what you want your client to do (in regards to posing). They were great at not invading our space (touching us) but giving very clear instruction on where our faces should point and where body limbs should go. You can tell they have worked on this and it’s such a great skill to have as a photographer. This invokes a confidence in the person being shot!

#3. It’s an opportunity to get better

Another great reminder we walked away with, is the importance of always making sure you are affirming your client as you are shooting them! During our photoshoot it was a bit muggy and we felt sticky and there were bugs, and we were walking on uneven terrain, and then of course, you’re worried about your hair, and how everyone else is looking, etc. etc. etc.  As your client is thinking about things like this, it can bring down their confidence, unsettle them and then that comes out in the images. The best thing Katelyn and Amy did was affirm us! When they were shooting they were checking the backs of their cameras letting us know how excited they were about how the shots were turning out, they were complimenting how we looked, and affirming our laughs and smiles. This made us feel AWESOME! When you do this as the photographer, the confidence in your client builds and reflects in the images.

Action Items:

1. Get together with a small group of photographers and practice posing each other using only words and yourself to demonstrate. No touching them!
2. Set up a photoshoot with another professional photographer. First, you’ll actually get some pro pictures of yourself and second, it will be a great reminder how your clients feel and how you can adjust your own shooting habits to make them feel more at ease!

We hope you have enjoyed this post and our family images from these two talented women. Have a great rest of your week!


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