Join Us In Seattle! | Video Submission for Creative Live


Our creativeLIVE Wedding Photography Weekend is coming January 27-29, 2012! Mark your calendars NOW and register for the FREE online workshop. As always on creativeLIVE, during the live event you can participate from your living room by watching the live feed online. You’ll be part of a global classroom with photographers watching and asking us questions from every continent. If you want to own the 3-day workshop to replay over and over, the HD videos are available for purchase and download.

It gets better! We are inviting YOU to submit a video for the opportunity to join us in Seattle for this jam-packed weekend. Grab your iPhone, webcam or DSLR and tell us why you’d love to join us in person during our creativeLIVE event. What do you need to do?:

1. Record a video (60’ish seconds) saying why you want to join Zach and Jody in Seattle.
2. Post that video to your Blog, YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook, Etc.
3. Tweet the video’s URL to @creativeLIVE and include #ZachJodyLIVE

The deadline for videos is coming up fast, so be sure to get your video in by Monday, January 2, 2012

Need inspiration to put yourself out there with a video? There are in-person alumni who share stories about how participating in a creativeLIVE workshop in Seattle has changed their businesses and their lives on the creativeLIVE blog! Just do it!