Laila & Landon – Nashville Wedding Photography

We had the awesome privileged of shooting Laila & Landon’s wedding recently here in the great city of Nashville and we had a blast hanging out with these two!  The ladies got ready at Union Station, the wedding was at the Nashville Bahai Center and the reception was at the Macke’s in Green Hills. We headed over to Marathon Village to shoot some cool portraits of the bride and groom and the small wedding party (one on each side which was awesome!) which is a fun place to shoot some very non-traditional images of these two. Laila is like this 40’s glamour star that has an incredibly unique look and the two of them are perfect together!

Check out some of the images from the day below!

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Nashville Wedding Photography

Laila looks timeless in these shots that Jody grabbed as the ladies were getting ready.

Nashville Wedding Photography

Nashville Wedding Photography

The groom sent this awesome gift over to the bride as she was getting ready! A brand new Nikon DSLR camera! Our kind of couple ;o) How cool is that?

Nashville Wedding Photography

Also getting ready at the hotel was Laila’s sister, Lindsey (aka wedding coordinator of all details!) with her husband and their two daughters (the flower girls) and they were so precious!  What a beautiful family.


We then headed off to shoot the bride and groom at Marathon Village!

Nashville Wedding Photography



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Love this shot of Laila! She looks A-Mazing!!


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These awesome deserts to the left are mini-cakes that were all custom made by Julia’s Home-Style Bakery and were dee-lish!!

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Yeah, so that is the family all getting up and rocking the weddings face off! They were amazing!! The band that played most of the night (when the family was not playing :) was Burning Las Vegas (bottom right shot) and they were awesome!!

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You guys are the best!! We can’t wait to hang out with you guys again soon!!

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