Mallory’s Rockin’ Bridal Session!

Jody and I had the awesome privilege of shooting Mallory’s bridal images here in Franklin it was great! We have been super excited to post these images, but of course, had to wait until after the wedding to show off Mallory’s pure awesomeness! This was definitely Nashville, TN Wedding Photography at it’s finest and was soooo easy since we were working with this bride!

Check out the shots below!

This was a nice grab shot from the Jodster while our bride was just chillin.

Mallory’s dress was slammin cool and looked so glamorous!

Jody nabbed this one while our bride was looking on!

This was one of my fav’s from the day that I (Zach) took!

While I was shooting the lit shots up above, Jody was literally getting some shots from up above. She climbed up on the rocks like a monkey and rocked some cool perspective shots!

You rock Mallory and we are soooo stoked that we were able to shoot your bridal shoot and wedding!