Miami Beach, Florida | Wedding Sneak Peek

This past Friday we shot a beautiful couple at The Palms Hotel & Spa in Miami Beach, FL. We were super thrilled to be a part of this sweet couple’s day and to capture it for them…

Tropical storm Bonnie tried to come out and steal the show, but we prayed her away and they had some amazingly awesome weather for the wedding day! yay!!!

Check out a little sneak peak of the wedding!!

Eliminating the Middle Ground
Destination: Miami Beach
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  • Thomas Boutwell

    Awesome! Kinda looks like she’s over there texting! :)

  • Lydia Shannon

    I LOVE this shot…. It so perfectly fits Nic! You two are amazing! I’m dying to see the rest.

  • Jaime + Chase

    B-EA-utiful!!! I know it was a killer wedding! Congrats you two! Chase is coming to Nashville soon! Will get you details!

  • Jennifer Prince

    AAAHHHHH!!! Ok, I love your pics next to the comments section. Adorable, and what a fun idea!! :)

  • Betsy La Vida

    LOVE it! I am totally obsessed with the lifeguard towers of Miami Beach. Makes me want to hit the Keys again! Great shot!