Mini Bowling Adventures

The other night Zach and I ventured out to the bowling alley with two other friends of ours to play some MIDGET BOWLING!! Yes, you read correctly – Midget Bowling. Ok, it’s not really called that. I think the official name is Min-bowling, but nevertheless, everything is smaller and the little bowling balls are so much more manageable. It’s kind of comparable to Canadian Bowling if anyone has ever done that in Canada!

You may recognize this lovely damsel with me – it’s the great Amy Parman from CJ’s Off the Square and Williamson County Weddings and Events!

And this handsome fella’ with Zach is The Great Brendon Shirley! (just had to give him a cool title/association so he wouldn’t feel left out :)

My husband’s a goof! That’s what I love about him! Enjoy a little video of Zach tearing it up!

As you can see from this following video featuring Brendon, mini bowling can be quite challenging!

Of course, have to show my mad mini-bowling skillz.. ha.

Amy blowing it outta the park!

Ok, and I had to post this one… We think the guys broke that lane… What NOT to do while mini bowling.

If you made it through all of these videos – we commend you. At least they weren’t long and boring! Just trying to entertain that’s all… :)