More Pics from NOLA and Props to awesome photographers!!

Ok, so we keep on getting more shooters from New Orleans sending us shots from the workshop that we were the subjects for in New Orleans at PartnerCon, so we thought we would share!  Not to mention we love bragging on other photographers that are great at what they do.

You may be saying to yourself, “You’re photographers.  Why are having images of yourselves such a big deal? You should be able to take pictures of yourselves all the time.”

Weeeeeell, yes we are photographers, but no, it’s extremely hard to take self portraits!  We did it once and it took forever and the outcome… um, wasn’t very good to say the least.

So over the past little bit we have had some friends take images of us like the amazingly talented Evan Baines

And then the awesome Keoni K took the below images of us that are a part of our branding

And the totally amazingly talented Justin & Mary Marantz.

But the biggest reason why we are so stoked about the New Orleans photos is not only because we had extremely talented photographers shooting us but because they were the wedding photos we wish we knew were out there when we got married!

We cannot stress enough how important it is to make the right decision for your wedding photography.  You truly get what you pay for and that’s what happened to us when we got married four years ago.  We did get some cool shots, but had no idea what was really out there if we would have properly budgeted for it.

So when Jeff & Erin Youngren, (fab photographers from San Diego) asked us to model for their workshop at PartnerCon in wedding attire we were pumped and so excited that we would get a few nice shots, and holy cow we have been BLOWN away.

So we just wanted to take another moment and thank the Youngren’s and all the other awesome photographers for shooting us and providing us with the wedding images we always wanted.

Here are some kick booty images that just came up on Jeff & Betsey’s blog (another suh weet photo duo from California), and we LOVE these guys!!! Not only do they shoot killer images but they are SUCH a fun couple and we heart them much!!!

Seriously, thank-you guys for everything.  For more images of us, befriend us on our Facebook and you can see all the additional photos from lots of other stellar photographers!!  We have been blown away and are sooooooooooo excited!!

Have YOU thanked your photographer lately? :)