A Memorial to My Hero, My Grandfather

My grandfather on my father’s side, was Thomas Gray. He was an orphan and ran away from his foster home at age 15 and joined the US Calvary. On June 6th 1944 he stormed the beach-head of Normandy. Although I barely knew him as he died in 1991, his sacrifice helped free Europe from the evil of the Nazi’s and helped to stop one of the most horrific wars in history.  His skill in battle also allowed him to survive some of the bloodiest battles in the war.

Thank you Grandpa Thomas for your sacrifice for me and for this country.

  • http://michaeljohnson-photography.com Michael Johnson

    HOOAH! Thanks to Grandpa Gray and all Service men and woman for allowing us to live in the greatest Country in the world and in to live in freedom. Unfortunately there is evil in this world and without their brave sacrifice, we certainly would not enjoy our way of life. Happy Memorial Day

  • Chris Oaten

    Servicemen and women all over the world are awesome. Their sacrifices humble me and often make me weep. In Australia, we celebrate our fallen each year on Anzac Day. For me, it is the most sacred day of the year.

  • DMB

    Do you know what beach he landed on? If he was U.S. it most probably was Utah or Omaha. In either case, I’d have some video for you. On Jo’s side “Grandpa George” (Great to her) was a Lieutenant in the Royal Flying Corps in WWI. He flew a bi-plane, in a night squadron, over the trenches in Europe. Not what you’d call high tech. Must have taken a lot of courage.