Nashville Artist Photography – Emily Riesen

One of the great things about being in Nashville is we often have the opportunity to shoot artists – which we absolutely love doing!

Jody and I had the privilege of working with an incredibly cool country artist this past weekend by the name of Emily Riesen. We shot all of her new promo and had an absolute blast working with her! She is very sweet and gracious and was fun shoot.  Emily is an artist here in Nashville (endorsed by Baden Guitars), and actually goes to the same church as us and works with the youth kids (so cool!).

We scouted an awesome location near our place that won’t be there for too much longer, so it was great to be able to shoot in a unique location that no one else can replicate.

Check out the images from the day – and if you’re wondering why her makeup looks so amazing – it’s because of the superb Amy Lynn Larwig who is our #1 go-to gal for great makeup for any occasion- artist shoots, weddings, whatever you may need :)




Here is a behind-the-scenes shot on this first set-up with our amazing assistant Walt helping to diffuse some of the light hitting Emily!!




Here the behind the scenes set up on the two shots you just saw above … a multiple lighting shot.

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Web only 002

Web only 001

Web size only 002


Web size only 005

Web size only 004

This is the last set-up we did just as the sun was setting. These shots turned out awesome and were just the look that Emily was really wanting for her shoot.

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Nashville Artist Photographers

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Thanks a ton Emily for letting us be a part of this shoot! We had such a blast and are super excited about your music and your career!!

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