Nashville IN-CAMERA: Shooting & Post Recap | October 2012

We just finished up Nashville’s final IN-CAMERA workshops here at our home and we had an absolute blast with our attendees! Many pics were taken, lots of laughs were had and some great friends were made. We have loved doing this particular series of workshops and always enjoy opening our home to photographers. So now that this series of workshops is coming to an end, you may be asking, “what’s next?” We have a few things up our sleeves that are sure to be way different and really exciting! Stay tuned!

In the meantime, check out the first day of our workshop Shooting and Post!

We started off like we always do doing a Keynote teaching the how’s of what we do, then heading out for 3.5 hours to get the hands-on shooting time that really solidifies what we talked about. We both learn by doing, so we know how critical it is to shoot and sit with someone guiding you through as you encounter problems and work through different scenarios. That is the real benefit of a hands-on workshop that you don’t get by watching a You-Tube video or reading a book shooting.

When I (Zach) first started out, I read loads of books and watched tons of videos online about shooting and lighting, but it wasn’t until I met Evan Baines and we shot together, shared and critiqued each others work, that I really started to become a good photographer. Those times of working one on one with Evan were invaluable to my career and that is a big reason why we do small, more personalized workshops and believe in the value of that experience.

Here is some of the awesome swag , giveaways and tools that we all got to use at the workshops from our amazing sponsors! KISS Books, Adorama, Showit, LenRentals, Sandisk, Westcott, The Music Bed, Expo Imaging, & Kraft and Jute!

We started off shooting out in this awesome area behind our home that has green grass, trees, hills and even a small rock quarry. The whole day we had an overcast sky, so we had to get out our reflectors to add light to the eyes and make our images pop!


It’s always a great idea to find some foreground elements that are closer to the camera to add more dimension to your shots. In this case, we simply tucked our amazing model down into the grass and bushes which allowed us to have some of that close to the camera, then have her on her own layer in the back of the image.

The image above and the one below are two shots that show how good, and how bad you can make your images look on cloudy days depending on what light modifier you use. In this case, we used two reflectors to get some light in their eyes. The light was getting really dark, so we needed as much light as we could get to make the shot look good.

We love using leading lines, and this simple collection of green metal tubes made for an interesting shot!

In this above before and after, we had found this cool metal sign, turned it around backward, and used it for a cool background for our rockstar model Jason. In the shot on the right, we pulled back so you could see the background and used no reflectors to fill in the shadows that we unpleasing. In the final shot to the right, we cropped in tighter, used our reflector to add the light to the eyes, then edited in Lightroom 4 to pop the skin tones to get our final look.

We shot this quick little collage of images in about 10 seconds to show how we pose our couples, get a cool series of images all in a row that can then be used for an album spread.

The wind started picking up a bit, so we used it to our advantage and found this old cruddy building with the fabric siding blowing in the breeze. Jason opened up his shirt to get the same effect and then we get this motion feeling in the shot that works really well.

We shot a 3 image panorama as well and stitched them all together in PS which would look killer as a huge wall canvas.

We love demonstrating how to get some cool, sun flare shot.

Here is the behind-the-scenes of Jody demonstrating… (thanks to Tausha Ann Photography for the image!)

Here is the final image:

Here is the whole crew! Thanks guys for coming out!!

If your interested in attending one of the last few in-camera workshops that we are ever going to hold and learn how to shoot like this (Kansas City & Orlando are remaining), we still have a FEW seats available!

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