Nashville Lighting Photography Workshop Recap!

We shared with you images from Nashville’s IN-CAMERA: Shooting & Post photography workshop class, and now it is high time we shared with you images from the Light class!

We are always so awed and blown away by the amazing people who come out to these workshops, and the new friends we make. Thanks to all of you for putting your trust in us and what we are sharing to book flights, hotels, rent cars, and invest in these workshops. Thanks for coming out and can’t wait to see you all again!!

A HUGE thanks to Jessica Rai for doing a lot of the behind-the-scenes footwork to make these workshops happen, to Matt Brighton for being our resident Nikon expert as well as leading a shooting group, and to Ginny Corbett for her extra hands and behind-the-scenes help as well! We heart you all!

The workshop room is set up and ready to go! We sold out this class with 18 shooters in attendance!

Thanks to Jessica Rai and Ginny Corbett for taking some of these behind-the-scenes images!

And the teaching begins…

At the beginning of the hands-on shooting time, we always start with a demonstration. Thanks to Dury’s, our local camera shop and Nick Coury, we were able to use a brand new on-location lighting rig from Elinchrom.

The resulting image with zero photoshop and no skin retouching.

Then, we split off into 3 smaller groups so everyone could get their hands on the lighting and do their own set-ups!

This is one of our favorite before and afters…. This shot was taken with just natural light. No reflectors, no nothing.

Bring in one kick-booty high-power strobe and this is what you get! Can’t do that with a speedlight and umbrella hanging over it.

Got to love shooting as the sun begins to go down!

And the group!

Also, a big thanks goes to our fab models – Lindsay, Aimee and Hailey!!

Bummed you missed out? The next set of workshops is happening THIS December in San Francisco! For more information visit our IN-CAMERA workshop website and click on the “Registration” tab.