Nashville Scene 20th Anniversary Shoot

Jody and I had the privilege of shooting the 20th anniversary party for the Nashville Scene/NFocus magazines. It was a really fun night filled with fun and frivolity and we met a ton of super cool “who’s who” folks in Nashville! The event was sponsored by some different companies in town that you will see in some of the detail shots and was held at the awesome venue One Eleven.

It is really cool that we have been asked to take part in events like this and hope to continue to do more of them in the future! Enjoy the pics!






Thanks to Mike, Carla, Megan, Evan, and the rest of the fantabulous Nashville Scene team and sponsors who put on this grrrrrreat and happening  party!

  • Ms. T Prescott

    Hi! I just came by after seeing you’d visited my blog. I am thinking I’m going to have to fly back to Nashville, you guys Rock! Wish I could make the workshop, but kids start school that week :( Wah! So if you’re ever in NC, let me know, until then, gonna plan my trip back to wonderful TN!


  • Jen Creed

    Um, fabulous and then some! How fun!!

  • cassandra m

    ooohhhh la la…looks like GOOD TIMES! Love those shots. What a blast that must have been. Thanks for sharing your images. (PS. yea for vodka & yea for BlueMoon…ha ha)

  • Kayleen T.

    Hi guys! Thanks for stopping by my blog! I love love love your blog design! Whoever did it rocks! Soo cool!


    Hey….wanted to come to your site to check it out after you left a comment on my blog. Tks for introducing yourself to me. Great work!

  • Diandra

    Im not a huge fan of smoking, but that picture you took of the guy smoking is awesome! these are great shots! Thanks for your comment on my blog too! Maybe one day we can work together! :)

  • Jessica White

    I think I sat right behind you guys at SmugMug. Jody you are just gorgeous, thanks for the comment!

  • Bill Blakey


    Thanks for visiting my blog! Your work is fun!

  • Megan Case

    So glad you guys found my blog and commented… led me to your blog! You’re on my Google reader now! Can’t wait to see your next post……so many of the photographers I follow are in Southern California, so it’s nice to see some other southeasterners! Holla back ya’ll!!!! : )

  • Thomas Frank

    I am now a fan, you guys rock! I love your photography…

  • Betsy, La Vida

    Great feel for the event with these shots. They look fantastic! Your lighting is perfection!!

  • Feuza

    Ahh, miss Nashville! love these, looked like such a fun event!

  • Sean

    It feels like these really capture the essence of the party, and speak so well to the atmosphere of the place. There are some amazing candid moments, and as always, plenty of stunning OCF stuff! Wow!