A Fitness Photoshoot – Nathan & Jenni Oates with B.U.R.S.TClub Launches!

Today marks the launch of something that has been in the works for awhile now, and we are so pumped that we have been able to be a part of this with our images!

Burst Training Nathan and Jenni Oates

Entrepreneurs, personal trainers, former college athletes, health buffs, and friends, Nathan & Jenni Oates have officially launched B.U.R.S.TClub.  B.U.R.S.TClub is a member center that offers 100s of burst training style workouts for those that want to have a healthy life.  But it’s not just your average fitness website.

B.U.R.S.TClub provides a place for community and accountability for people desiring to get a great workout and be healthier through blogs, forums, and personal nutrition and fitness tips from Nathan & Jenni.

And we are soooo stoked that we were able to shoot all of the imagery for their promo!

The BURST workout is a unique 3 minute (yes, you read that right) workout that is a combo of both cardio and resistance training, and let us tell you from personal experience – it kicked our booties!!!!  Read our blog post on our experience of doing burst training.  Whew!

We not only admire but have tremendous respect for this couple and their cutest kids EVER (view our past blog post of their family).

Anyway, make sure to check out the below images from a fitness shoot we did of Nathan & Jenni, visit their highly informational blog with great ways on being healthy, and check out their brand spankin’ new BURST Club website.

*For those of you in the Charlotte, NC area, make sure to check out Nathan & Jenni on CharlotteToday on News Channel 36 THIS morning at 11am.

Enjoy the shots!

Ummm…. These guys are RIPPED!

Jenni has had 4 kids! WOW!

Burst Training Nathan and Jenni Oates

Nathan, I hate you and your ripped abs! Actually, I am seriously jealous!

Burst Training Nathan and Jenni Oates

A little workout in action!

Burst Training Nathan and Jenni Oates
We just had to put in this super fun image of these two cuties!!

Burst Training Nathan and Jenni Oates

Congrats on the big launch you two! We know you are going to be a huge success because of how much you have helped, and want to help everyone around you! Love you guys!