New York City and Back Again! We Survived!

Jody and I just got back from our first trip as husband and wife to New York City! Jody had been there twice before, but I had never been. We came out to go to the PDN Photo Plus Expo which is one of the largest photography expo’s in the world with over 27,000 in attendance. The show was awesome and Jody and I were asked to speak at the Westcott booth about lighting (which was really cool!). We got to hang with the whole crew from Westcott for dinner and meet the Owner, Vice President Kelly Mondora and hang with the amazing sales team John and David. There was also another Westcott Pro there who was teaching about lighting and has been working with Westcott for the last 23 years, Jim.

Thanks to ALLLLLLL of you for sending us suggestions of things to do while in NYC!  Sadly, our visiting time there was really short, and we left the list of everyone’s suggestions of what to do on the bus right before we got dropped off at Times Square… *sighs*  We have decided that we need to make another trip and do all of the cool ideas that were mentioned!  Because we were not really able to do any of the suggestions, we still have a prize to give! We will be announcing the winner of the “Tell us what to do in New York” this Friday, so stay tuned!! You are not going to believe how awesome the prize is!!  :)

Jody and I also got to explore the city and high on my to-do list was getting a real, New York style hot dog from a street vendor! We also got to hang out in Time Square, go for a LONG walk through Central Park and eat at the Tick-Tock Diner and the amazing Italian eatery, Carmines. We also got to go to some cool after parties and met some amazing people like Ed Pierce from Photo Vision and Me Rah Koh, Jim Collins CEO of Pictage, and Kevin Rubin, CFO of Pictage, and saw our good friend Jeremy Cowart who was guest speaking at one of the lectures for the show. It was a whirlwind trip, we did a lot of walking, but we are glad to be home!

Check out some of the shots from the trip!!

Here is Jody and I in the back of the ferry ride! We took this ferry from Jersey to Manhattan everyday for the show. The whole Westcott crew stayed at the Jersey Sheraton.

New York City wedding Photography

Our first view of the city from the ferry! We are hanging below with our new friend Sean who is also a Nashville photographer. Hey Sean!

New York City wedding Photography

We headed straight for Time Square and did all the touristy stuff!!

New York City wedding Photography

Check out the Lamborghini Diablo! Suh weet!! The little bird was also really funny! He was just sitting there and let me come right up and snap a photo! He was a tired and crabby New Yorker! :)

New York City wedding Photography

The skyline in New York is something to behold. I have been to almost every major city in the states and nothing compares to this!

New York City wedding Photography

We went over to the Hershey’s store to check out all the chocolate fun! It was like Willy Wonka’s and Jody could not get enough of it!

New York City wedding Photography

Jody just being cool.

New York City wedding Photography

Here it is! My first ever New York hot dog! It was soooooo fun to eat!!

New York City wedding Photography

Jody and I then headed over to Central Park and walked around for a long time exploring everything! We hung out and had a Starbucks on the ancient rocks in the park. These rocks came down from the North Pole during the last ice age and if you look at satellite photos, you can actually see their path from up there dug into the ground. All the lines in the rocks also point North which is really neat!

New York City wedding Photography

New York City wedding Photography

The next two images were taken by our new friend, Sean who caught up with us in the park and took us to the above waterfall pavilion where many movies have been filmed here!

New York City wedding Photography

There was this one guy in the park making huge bubbles and it was really cool to watch!  I was shooting bubble boy and Sean was shooting me. :)

New York City wedding Photography

Here is my bubble boy shot!

New York City wedding Photography

This is Jody in front of Trump Plaza telling me “Your Fired!” Ha!

New York City wedding Photography

These guys were playing it up on the subway and were awesome! They got a five buck tip for their hard work.

New York City wedding Photography

While at the expo we ran into our dear friends Justin & Mary Marantz (remember we visited them in March & they did a rockin’ shoot of us?) and their awesome associate Julia! We ate at Hard Rock cafe in Manhattan. It was really LOUD! We took a cab ride back to the ferry and just so you know, the shot in the cab was taken at ISO 12,800.  Thanks to Julia for taking the shot of the 4 of us and to Justin for the cab ride shot!

New York City wedding Photography

Here we are at the expo! This is the entrance to the trade show floor where the biggest names in photography have their new toys up for viewing. Canon, Nikon, Quantum, B & H and Adorama to name a few! The second shot is Jody and I with Kelly Mondora, the Vice President of Westcott who started at the bottom and worked her way up to where she is now. She rocks and is an amazing person and business woman!

New York City wedding Photography

Jody grabbed a few shots of me teaching lighting techniques at the Westcott booth. The crowds were huge and you could have up to 100 people listing at any given time. It was really fun!!

New York City wedding Photography

Goodbye New York!

New York City wedding Photography

We had a blast coming and are excited about all the other traveling we are doing this season. We will be in New Orleans speaking next week for Partner Con in the Photographers Lounge, We are shooting a wedding in Florida in December and are then doing two of our Florida IN-CAMERA photography workshops there, then we fly out to Orange County, California for the three more California workshops. It is going to be crazy and fun!!

  • Sharon Alexander

    Wish I was a photog to go to your OC workshops! Letting peeps know about them, though.
    My brother lives in the OC..where are the workshops?
    Hope to see you soon!

  • MD Laidlaw

    This looks amazing! I’ll bet you guys had so much fun! What a great trip and experience.

  • paula leme

    hey guys, i met you at the PDN, i was with feuza (i was the girl that couldn’t figure how to use feuza’s camera ;) anyways, i got the change to check your work, and i gotta say, it’s pretty amazing! let me know when you are coming to michigan or chicago , i would love to attend a workshop from you :) God bless you both!

  • Kristine

    You guys are BIG STUFF :) This was a great post. I love seeing some of your “travel photography”!

  • Emily Beaty

    How fun! I love the images in Times Square – you timed that perfectly with the beautiful light streaming in! I love the big bottle of Hershey syrup too! haha & Zach, you look sooo excited about that hot dog! :)

  • Rick O

    You guys look so darn cute together lol – looks like you had a blast and toss in Justin & Mary into the mix and ka-boom its a rockin time – glad you enjoyed your first NYC dog!

  • Amy

    YAY! congratulations you two! looks like your whirlwind trip was a blast! happy travels!

  • Tira J

    I have never been to New York, and now I want to go! Thanks for allowing me to live vicariously through you two!

  • peter bang

    Hey Zach! Nice meeting you at the Wescott booth and thank you for taking the time to chat and sharing your business knowledge with me!

  • Mary Marantz

    You guys are awesome! Can’t wait to see you next week!

  • Derek in Finland

    Great photos! Wish I could have been there! Wish I could have been anywhere…….Anywhere is better than here :-) Hope to catch one of your workshops next year!

  • laura

    awesome shots!!

  • The Thirty-Something Bride

    Hey Guys! I was so busy with the wedding I wasn’t able to catch up on blog reading until now. SO wish I could have been a part of the fun contest! I LOVE NYC! Carmine’s is tasty!

  • Dana Goodson

    Looks like you both had a blast! Can hardly wait to meet you in December!!! :o)
    Keep me posted on the progress.

  • Jonathan Fletcher

    Looks awesome guys. Bubble boy FTW!

  • Iz

    SO excited you guys got to experience my town!! Now, imagine if you will, two full floors of the Javits Center filled with HAIR PRODUCTS! Yee-aah! That’s what I’m talkin’ ’bout! :) I know the excitement of your time there because hair shows are really similar. :) Next time you’re coming into town- let me know! We’ll hang

  • allie.may

    you two are my favorite ever…so fun to see you in NYC pics! you should just travel the world taking pictures and posting them…love!

  • Tammy Molnar

    what a fun trip! loved seeing the documentary photo tour of the trip. good times. hope you all have a blast next week! sad i can’t go with.:(

  • cassandra m

    I am sooooooo jealous right now. You guys look like you had a BLAST!!!!!

  • Kathy Ziegler

    Wow, great documentary of your fun time. You guys do that so well!!!

  • amy

    wow – for all the time I’ve spent in nyc, i’ve never taken home pic like that, so its official – next time we’re all going together!!!

    ps love the bird pic Z…

  • Feuza

    That Time Square shot is out of this world! love it, so good seeing you guys, I need to post our picture up! sorry I missed Zachs presentation, he is rocking it!

  • Link Tipton

    I’m am extremely excited about what is happening with you guys! Such a great couple with an outstanding work ethic! I know that even bigger things are in store for you in 2010!!!!