Orange County Workshops are Complete! | Re-cap | October 2012

Our Orange County Shooting and Post and Light workshops are over and Nashville is about to begin this coming weekend! We had an amazing time with our students there that traveled from all over to come and hang with us! We had students from the OC, Canada, and even Alaska come out to join us!


We started the days off talking through the techniques that we use to get our entire wedding workflow (downloading, culling, editing, building, proofing and ordering the album and uploading everything online) to just around 4 hours total.

Then, we headed outside at the worst possible time to shoot to put it all into practice. Check out some of the images from the day below! (Most of the behind the scenes images taken on iPhone 5)


Here we are in this ugly little parking lot, and we are demonstrating how even the most unlikely locations can make for a great image. Just frame what looks great, and leave everything else out, then add some nice light and your in business!

One of the attendees had this really cool Corvette, but it was not in the best location with the best light, So we added some of our own, cropped in to where it eliminated distractions, and we got a sweet image!

Here is another example of how you can get cool shots in unlikely locations. We are always watching for good light, and textured backgrounds.

As you can see in this behind the scenes image of the above shot, we found this nice textured fence which had some nice light bouncing in from camera left off that wall. We used that as fill light and added a reflector to camera right. Using the direct sun to bounce light back in her face for the final shot. Then we cropped out (in-camera) everything we didn’t want to see in the final image.

Here again we were on the lookout for some great light, and we found this awesome flair shooting under this overhang and went for it.

Now we were into day 2, doing our LIGHT workshop and using one powerful off-camera strobe to create our light instead of just looking for it.

We started in the studio we were having the workshop at, and simply opened the door to let some natural light in, then blended the flash with it to show just how simple it can be to shoot indoors with flash.

In this class we teach the attendees how to use different lighting styles to create different effects and flatter your client in the best way possible. The above image is shot using “short” lighting which adds a great deal of contrast, and highlights a small portion of your client which reduces their size and makes them look great!

Then we headed outside for some shooting in the high-noon sun!

Every once in a while, if time allows, we will do a two light set up to show how dramatic you can make the lighting. Here we have a main light to camera left, then a kicker light to camera right. We used the ambient light to fill in the shadows.

This above image was shot in some direct sun as it was dropping below the tree line. You can see how contrasty and nasty the lighting was. But once we added our off-camera flash, it turned that awful light into awesome light!

This above image was also shot in direct sun (which is to camera left) with our flash to camera right. We simply overpowered the sun to achieve this lighting effect.

We also shot a panoramic image and stitched it together in Photoshop with one click of the button! These type of images look great for album spreads!

Here, at the end of the workshop, we did our final set up and for a few of the shots we added a secondary light that you can see to camera left.

One light version

Two light version

Two light version with gel added for effect


Here is the whole crew from day 2!

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