One Essential Tool to help get your inbox to ZERO

  • Hands down there is NOTHING more irritating or overwhelming than spending half of your day combing through your emails and trying to decide what is important, and what is not! Today is the first step in solving that problem!
  • Tim Ferris wrote in his incredible book The 4 Hour Work Week, that “email is the KILLER of the modern day business!”
  • You don’t want your business to die, do you?
  • ONE of the issues with email is sorting it. Getting through the “junk” or non-important emails so you can focus on the ones that matter first. It is OK if you have time in your day to check non-urgent or non-important emails, but ONLY when you have replied to clients and vendors and then done the important things in your business. Everything else can wait (or better yet, be deleted)!
  • So, the trick is, how do you quickly, easily, and efficiently sort out the stuff that isn’t important?




What SaneBox does is scan your email and sort it based on people that you ACTUALLY talk to. Anyone that you don’t ever reply to gets sorted out. Friends who ALWAYS put you on the mass emails chain, offers from businesses you signed up for, or people who you trust that SOLD your info to someone else, and now they are emailing you (and the EMAIL list goes on:).


SaneBox takes all of those emails and puts them into a separate folder called SANELATER. IF someone you need to talk to gets into that folder,  you can simply train SaneBox to send it to your inbox.


The first time I used it it removed 57 emails from my inbox and only 3 or 4 were ones I needed to respond back to! SaneBox asked me later that day if any of the emails it removed needed to be in my inbox, so I hit a button, trained it and now those flow where they should.


My inbox now looks like this!


Today (yes today) I just had 3 emails that I needed to respond to. I AM FREE!!!! :)


There are other powerful tools you can use to clear up your inbox, like switching to gmail (if you don’t already use it) and grouping conversations, using filters, and creating a powerful folder system that works. You can also use the GTD system and conquer tasks that only take 2 minutes or less, and otherwise defer or delete. We will get to those later.



Do you have a secret weapon that YOU use for clearing up your inbox and getting back to people on time?  If so, SHARE it below in the comments and let’s all get SANE together!