IN-CAMERA Workshops are coming to your living room!

For those of you who have been following our #secretproject on Instagram, it’s time for the secret to be revealed!

We are thrilled to announce that our IN-CAMERA workshops are coming out on DVD & as a digital download!!

That’s right! No longer do you have to travel to some distant city to come to a workshop, pay $750/day, and hope to soak in all of the content. Now, you can virtually bring us home with you for a drastically reduced cost, and watch the content in your PJs as many times as you want! This content has been years in the making and is unlike anything that is out there!

 We introduce to you the first of 3 DVDs….

IN-CAMERA: Shooting | The Natural-Light Photography System Turning your natural-light shooting into a systematic process that takes out the guesswork!

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IN-CAMERA: Shooting | The Natural-Light Photography System

Turning your natural-light shooting into a systematic process that takes out the guess work with over 3 hours of content & 19 live shooting demos!
Release Date:
Tuesday, March 5th at 11:00am – mark your calendars!




IN-CAMERA: Post | The Lightning-Fast Post-Production System

DVD no reflection

Release Date:




IN-CAMERA: Light |  The Off-Camera Portrait Lighting System


Release Date:

 We leave you with personal testimonies from IN-CAMERA attendees!

You guys have seriously changed the way I shoot. I edited and uploaded all images from Saturday’s senior session in less than 30 minutes. AMAZING!!!
– Renee B., Nashville Attendee

You have been blessed with not only mad photo skills, but a special ability to teach super complicated stuff in the simplest of ways.
– Amber F. San Diego Attendee

I loved learning your shooting techniques, you helped me get over my fear of flash & off camera lighting, but most of all I took away so many little nuggets of business gold that have helped me push things forward : )”
– Kelly G. London Attendee

You have had a profound impact on my life, both professionally and personally! I had major breakthroughs.
– Jessica G., Nashville Attendee

I just booked my first wedding with our new higher prices thanks to your awesome Phone Call approach. So thank you guys so much. I am so happy I took your workshop, I learned so many valuable tools.”
– Ali B., Colorado Attendee


Thanks to the fab companies we love and use and who support what we’re doing in the industry!