Our Big Announcements!!

We are excited to share with all of you two, big announcements!

Announcement #1:


(Beach and bio images by DavidMolnar.com | Ultrasound Image by Ashley at Digital Diagnostics)

Little baby Gray is on the way!!

We are expecting our first born child and we have never been more excited! It has been such a heart-wrenching journey to get to this place and it is surreal that we have made it to this point and finally get to share it with you all.

We have started a personal blog (itsthegrayfamily.com) and Instagram (@itsthegrayfamily) where you can follow our journey through pregnancy and parenthood. We don’t want to overwhelm you with baby stuff here and we also realize that pregnancy is a tender topic for some, with some having gone through your own losses or struggling with infertility, and we want to be sensitive to that. Make sure to follow us there!

And now, for the other big news…

Announcement #2: A Shift for the Future

We have been planning to have a child for the last year, and we took a step back to re-evaluate our priorities and values and have refocused and restructured our lives so we can serve not only our family, but you better. We made the decision to take 2013 as a sabbatical from shooting weddings, and that is exactly what we are doing.

Last year, we were on the road 240 days (whew!), and for a long time, we have been juggling weddings, our IN-CAMERA workshops which are now retired (and releasing on DVD this year!), mentoring photographers, speaking and lecturing, and we are now moving into parenthood!

This year we are taking a very minimal few, select weddings, and with the rest of our time we will be focused on you all. If everyone spent their time on their photography business and became so busy they couldn’t give back, where would that leave the industry? So many photographers poured into us when we first were getting started and we want to keep paying it forward by continuing to share and provide great learning and business opportunities.


You have given us your time and trust (some of you have been with us since the beginning six years ago!) and we want to hear what you have to say!

Our next newsletter (going out the first Tuesday of May) will have a survey and give you the chance to tell us what you would want to see next from us!

Let your voice be heard (link to newsletter) and make sure you’re signed up for our newsletter!

For those of you who may have some lingering questions, the below is for you!

Will you still be doing workshops? Yes (make sure you’re signed up for our newsletter to be the first to hear about our next workshop series)
Will you still be shooting? Yes (we are working on some personal projects for 2013 and a few select weddings and portrait sessions)

We are really excited for what lies ahead. Thanks for your support and coming along this journey with us :)