The cool items for you on our brand new site!

We are so excited that after months and months of designing, tweaking and prepping, our brand new site is finally here! This new site has been designed specifically for you, the photographer, and is packed full of ways to help you grow your photography business!

We have a HUGE thanks to send out to the one and only Melissa Love, creator of The Design Space, who has once again, knocked out a beautiful site for us!

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Melissa never ceases to amazing us with her creativity and ability to come up not only with great ideas for us, but also make possible our crazy ideas!  Make sure to check out her site where you can get her beautiful designs for your own website, blog and brand!

Thank-you, Melissa!!!!!!!!

…And without any further ado, here’s a few highlights of our site and then enjoy looking around to see all of the new benefits and features we have created for you!

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Our new website Home makes it easy for you to get access to our newsletter sign up page so you never miss a post, and when you scroll down, you can quickly see the latest information to help you grow your business!

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You can see right from the Home page our business position, and how we have converted our entire brand to help photographers reach their goals with their business. We have been there, done it, and now are ready to bring thousands more of you closer to the business you have always dreampt of. 

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Our blog is now integrated into our site so you never have to leave to find what you are looking for. We also have easy access to our best free content on the right side if you want to pick up our eBooks on Lighting and Business Essentials.

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This is HUGE! We now have a “Learn” section of our site!

We have literally spent months redesigning and tagging all of our 1,000+ posts on business, shooting, lighting and content videos so that you can easily find the topic you need and find it fast! No more hitting “search” to scroll through posts!

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If you want to share in our journey and know all about what we do and how we did it, then check out our new About Section to see our entire path unfold. You can also access our portfolio from here and find out all sorts of fun details and facts about us (and some cute baby photos too!)! 

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Our goal is to continue bringing quality educational posts, products and services to all of you amazing photographers so that you can keep on running amazing businesses that bless you, your families, your friends and your pocket book.



Zach and Jody


PS. Please let us know in the comments below what you think of the new site and start the conversation!