Our Family Camp Fun

This last week we flew off to Wisconsin to attend family camp at Camp Forest Springs with Zach’s dad, his wife, and two of Zach’s younger brothers. We have done this for the last two years but THIS year my (Jody) mom, sister and her husband and their daughter came out as well!

We had a really great time and wanted to share just a few photos.

Below is my brother-in-law, Nathan, and my sister Jacq and my mom!

Here is Jan and her hubby (Zach’s dad), Keith with my niece, Lila!

Here is me and a distance relative, Ryan! He and I went kayaking and got in a splashing fight which ended up with both of us sopping wet :)

Me and my cutest-niece-ever, Lila!

Isn’t she adorable? (Image provided by my sister).

My sister tried to get a few group shots, but it was nearing nap-time so someone was a little fussy…. we went along with it :)


My favorite… lol.

And the group!

So fun! Yay for family time :)