Our Halloween Pumpkin-Carving Adventures!!

Happy Halloween!!!!!!!!!!

In honor of this American holiday we wanted to share with you our pumpkin-carving adventures with dear friends (and best wedding videographers ever), Eugene & Heather (of 2Duce2 Films).

Look at the beauty…

Our awesome pumpkin-carving kit!

Us crazies…

Heather is in love and she doesn’t care who knows it!

Of course, the guys have to make the pumpkin-carving a contest…

Heather and I scooping out the pumpkins doing the dirty work… the boys didn’t want to get their fingernails messy… ;o)

Go team!


Of course there’s nothing like pumpkin-carving with a fire and hot chocolate – yes, with steamed milk (thanks to Zach the barista), and whip cream and cinnamon!

And the final product!!!!!!

To view Eugene & Heather’s version of our pumpkin adventures click HERE or below to visit their blog!!