Our London, England Adventures! SWPP & Harry Potter Tour!

We got back from London this past Sunday and we had such a great time!!  This is our 3rd trip in 2 years and it keeps getting better and better.   We flew out to SWPP which is Europe’s largest photographic convention to speak at their business school and then for a platform class for their convention.

We had so much fun and met so many more great photographers!!

(Above photo provided by the SWPP in-house photographer)

It was also my (Jody) birthday while we were out there!!!

Zach surprised me through a series of clues (you can see them when you follow me on my Instagram) and with no small feat, secured us a reservation for the 3-Michelin-Star Gordon Ramsey in Chelsea London.

If you can’t already tell by the images, the food was amazing and the service was impeccable!!  What a great treat!!!!

(Side not: “Smart dress” in British means no cool red Journeys shoes :)).

We also got to celebrate at a traditional British pub with some dear old, and new friends!!!

(Zach and I both ordered the Lamb cheek and it was amazing!).

We also got a chance to hang out with the very kind and fun Jerry & Melissa Ghionis.  This was our first time really getting a chance to get to know them, and what a sweet couple.  [Mystery solved — for all of you wondering out there, their last name is pronounced Gee (as in “Glee” without the “L”) – ohniss].   We also got to hear Melissa speak, and if you ever get a chance, GO!  She is phenomenal and one smart cookie!

We also scheduled a lunch date with Ross Dean who not only is a photographer himself, but runs Photo Night Live in the UK.

Fun, group photos from the SWPP awards ceremony!!

And yes, the update you all have been waiting for – we got to go to the Warner Brothers Harry Potter Studio Tour!!!!   It was SOOOOO cool and soooooo good!!  If you are ever in London and get a chance to go, it’s totally worth it!!

It was so cool to see everything up close – the real costumes, the real sets – it was AMAZING!!!!


Below: Zach giddy with excitement as we wait in line next to the real cupboard under the stairs :)

Me with my first beer ever (does Butter Beer count? :)).  The top part was the best!

Here we are with the actual Mirror of Erised used in the first Harry Potter Film, The Sorcerer’s Stone (originally named The Philosopher’s Stone).

It’s hard to see the actual scale of Hogwarts in the below image, but it was HUGE!  They used this to film the big, panning scenes of the outside of Hogwarts.

All of the wands on the Harry Potter characters…

Me in front of the gates!  It just shows the scale of everything!

Dumbledore’s office!


Us in front of 4 Privot Drive!

Diagon Alley!!

And yes, friends, we even have a video to show you of us in the actual Diagon Alley!!

[iframe: width=”560″ height=”315″ src=”http://www.youtube.com/embed/z29HlTWctMc” frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen>]

Our trip was a blast and due to all of the naps that we took in London, we actually have had no trouble adjusting back to the US time zone (6 hours earlier than London).  Thanks to all of you who helped make our trip (and my 30th birthday!) memorable.