Our Sacramento Adventures | Speaking at PPSV and The Sac. PUG!

We just spent the last 5 days speaking, shooting and meeting an amazing group of photographers in the Sacramento, CA area! We flew in and spoke to the PPSV group (Professional Photographers of Sacramento) and were blown away by the turn out of over 110 shooters!

After our talk we did some impromptu print judging (which was a first for both of us!) and then headed out to do a lighting demo.

We can’t believe how warm of a welcome we received from all the photographers and were sooo blessed to be able to talk about all the tools that we have used in our business to make it what it is today and then FREELY share that knowledge with anyone and everyone that we can to help them take their businesses to where they want them to go. We love that we get to do this and love that we have met so many new friends, and love how our story was able to connect with some specific photographers in that area at that time and place. Check out some of the shots below from our time at PPSV, and from the Sacramento PUG group!

We headed out afterward to do a lighting demo and it was sooo cool how many photographers stayed as late as they did to shoot with us! We had the worst lighting conditions imaginable, but showed how just one light could really make a huge difference!

The Before:

This was the ambient light that we had to work with which was basically just one street light behind our subject lighting the tree in the background of the parking lot. So we busted out the off-camera light, lit it up and got the below shot!

No Photoshop needed and the image turned out great even in those terrible conditions!

Here is the Sacramento PUG that we spoke at the next day! It was a great group and we had an awesome time with them! Thanks for having us out guys!! You are da best!