Our Visit to the Pictage Offices!

Since almost the beginning of our business, we have been members of Pictage, the industry leader in online image hosting, printing and sales solutions, and services to professional photographers. Once we got their informational DVD on all the services they offered, we were sold!

Pictage has been HUGE in assisting us in our business, and their services for photographers range widely, and without them we would be spending countless hours dealing with print orders and many other things.

When we were in CA in December we set some time aside to visit the offices and have lunch with a few of the peeps!  Enjoy the visual journey of our visit, thanks to the iPhone‘s picture taking abilities!

First, we were greeted with a custom welcome screen in the main entryway of our images… awwww, special.


Then the FABULOUS Scott Miura gave us a tour of the place which started in CEO Jim Collins‘ office… Jim wasn’t there yet so Zach was welcomed to take a moment and see how it felt in Jim’s Seat.  Ohhh… the power…

iphone ceo office

We got to see and meet the people in all the departments and what a system they have set up there!  We stopped by shipping and were told that we had just missed the crazy rush of getting all the thousands of Christmas orders out in time.  Here were some of their regular orders waiting for pickup (this was one bin of like 4 or 5!).


And of course, we left our mark on a few whiteboards that just happened to be around…

Artwork by Zach Gray…

iphone dry board 2

Artwork by moi

iphone dry board

We headed off to lunch with the FAB Emily, Scott M., Scott A., and CEO Jim at the Red Car Brewery, and then came back for a few photos :)

Here is us with Jim & Paul Manke!

iphone pic together

What we love about Pictage is that the people there really care.  They are open to any and all feedback and really want to make Pictage the absolute best it can be for their fellow photographers.

When we got back from our travels we had a package waiting for us with a print of the below picture that was taken of us all together…  Aw!

(From L to R – Scott A, Jody, Jim, Zach, Emily, & Scott M.  We heart you guys!)

We love how the people at Pictage really care about photographers.  They aren’t interested in making their own lives easier, they are interested in making our lives as photographers easier.  Thanks everyone at Pictage for all you do!!

Who else out there is a fellow Pictager?  What do you use Pictage for and what do you like about it?

  • http://www.scottandersonblog.com scott anderson

    It was such a treat having you both visit…we are so grateful for all you do for the photography community!

  • Courtney Appleton

    It was so great to see you guys at Pictage! We love seeing your work here! Hope to see you at WPPI!!!

  • http://miuraimages.blogspot.com Scott Miura

    as Scott Anderson commented, it was such a treat having you both visit and grateful for all you do for our photography community. This post is wonderful and I am especially glad that you enjoyed your visit (and tour)!! Here’s to making 2010 another wonderful year…see you both at WPPI in March.

  • http://emily-photo.com Emily

    We heart you more!!! Thanks so much for spending time with us.

  • http://shawnreeder.net shawnreeder

    Looks like you all had a blast!!! I can’t wait to visit the Pictage offices one of these days.

  • Jim Collins

    That jolt of power you felt in my chair was an electric cord that someone in the call center hooked up to it to fry me a little any time my title starts to go to my head. Hope it didn’t get you too bad.

    It was great having you guys here. I love it when Photographers visit!


  • http://www.whiteappleweddings.com Cyler Parent

    I love Pictage. Their dedication to making my client’s experience the best it can be is only one of many reasons why I <3 them and everything they do.

  • http://www.stephenknuthblog.com Stephen Knuth

    I love Pictage! What fun it sure was spending time with you in SoCal. Miss you guys!!! You going to wppi??

  • Dawn

    Love them!

  • http://www.jeffdolan.com/ Jeff Dolan

    This is truly great to hear about Pictage. Thanks for sharing. It’s always good to hear there are caring people running the business!

  • http://www.grayphotograph.com Jody Gray

    @Stephen – you bet we are going to WPPI!