Part III | Decorating the Tree | Our Christmas Tree Can Beat Up Your Christmas Tree

Today we bring you part III in our Christmas posts … decorating our beast of a tree!! Welcome to DAY 2!!

We picked the perfect day to decorate! …

Snow falling outside…

Eggnog coffee brewing…

Fireplace roaring (as much as a gas fireplace can roar)…

Christmas tunes playing…

Does it get any better?

10 week old Beans had never experienced Christmas tree lights before…

Our Christmas bulbs! Or as Zach calls them – ornaments… whatever :) Puh-tae-toe/puh-tot-toe… ;o)

Hanging the first ornament!

And the 2nd ornament!

Ready to tackle the rest of the tree!

Yes, we had to borrow a ladder (thanks Matt & Meg!!) to decorate near the top :)

And what would our Christmas Tree Blog post be without a video of how we managed to decorate the top?? Oh this is good… talk about using our creative geniuses.. :) Enjoy! :)

Make sure to check back for the big reveal!!! :)

  • diana elizabeth

    oh my gosh you Jody you pinned them on your sweater! your poor sweater!! :)

  • pthomaslambert

    Next year, only if you go big again or try to top this tree in size.
    Pre-String the lights on the top half of the tree before standing it up.
    By the way, you guys are great.

  • nancy mitchell

    LOVE it! You guys are so REAL! Merry Christmas to you and I can’t wait for the BIG REVEAL!

  • Chelsey Somohano

    Loved reading all about this!