Part IV | The Big Reveal!

Welcome to DAY 4 of our Christmas week of blog posts!

Now it is time to officially reveal to you our Beast of a Christmas Tree!!

At the farm.. (thanks to Christmas Tree Adventures for the image!)

In the homestead…

Being decorated!


All lit up! :)

For our housewarming we had people bring a Christmas ornament to add to our tree… We got some really funny ones, personal ones, and ginormous ones.

Yes, folks, this ornament is about 14 inches…. ha ha

And of course, what would this Christmas Tree post be without Eugene & Heather fab Nashville wedding videographers and dear friends of ours. Without them, we would not have our ginormous Christmas tree :)


Merry Christmas Eve from us to you!!!!!! Does anyone else have a killer Christmas tree? If so, what makes it awesome? Woo hoo!!!

  • Drea

    WOWZA that is a huge tree!
    We dont have a killer tree due to low ceilings and small kiddos :) – but our tree is awesome because our kids decorated it themselve!

    You 2 are adorable!

    Have a very Merry Christmas!

  • Brandis | Pretty Pink High Heels

    Wow! That tree is GORGEOUS! It would eat my little charlie
    brown tree in a sec. :) Merry Christmas to you both!

  • Renato Picarelli

    beautiful tree! Congratulations. Too bad we do not have
    trees here as well. A merry Christmas to you!

  • Jeffrey @ Full Frame Cinema


  • Casie

    You two are adorable!! As are Eugene & Heather!! We have a 10 ft tree here at our house which we’ve affectionately named “Rockefeller” … It’s just “us” which is why we love it! Merry Christmas Gray’s!! ♥

    • Jody Gray

      @Casie- Lol! Great tree name. Ha ha! 10th is pretty big!!

  • nancy mitchell

    That is one BIG tree! Merry Christmas Eve to you guys too!

  • Mike Hansen

    So every part of the Christmas tree series made me smile! Your personality really shines through in all you post. I wish I lived closer so we could chill at a Starbucks. I have decided that I must meet y’all. haha :)

  • Michelle Hollingsworth

    I see our ornament. he he. Can’t wait til you guys experience Aloha first hand. Many Blessings for 2011.


  • Feuza

    some huge tree, love the ornaments and congrats, your place is looking awesome