Partner Con 2009 Or Bust! A little message from us…

See you at Pictage Partner Conference 2009 New Orleans

Hey Everyone!!!!!  Next week is Partner Con 2009 in New Orleans and we are PUMPED!!!!!!  We recorded a special little video just for you that shares a little bit on what we will be  talking about in the Photographer’s Lounge on Wednesday. Check it out!

You do not want to miss out on Partner Con!!!  If you need that extra oomph and encouragement for your business – this is where you need to be!  Amazing speakers, amazing photographers – you will be inspired!!!!!!  Registration is still open so it’s not too late to register!  Visit the PartnerCon 2009 Website.

Leave a comment!  Let us know if we will be seeing you at Partner Con!!!

PS  For those of you signed up for the Youngren’s workshop Wednesday morning… you’re in for a little something special… :) ha ha…

  • Connie R.

    So exciting! Cannot WAIT to meet you guys!! I’m really looking forward to the photographer’s lounge – I have so many questions!

  • Kristine

    I’m glad you guys are my friends and employers and I’m looking forward to heading to Nola with you!

  • Jeff

    YOU GUYS ARE THE COOLEST! Oh man, Erin and I are over here with big smiles :) Can’t wait to connect in NOLA….just a few days!!

  • sheri

    I am so excited to meet you guys and get a little insight to your awesomeness!!

  • Marissa Rodriguez

    You guys are so cute! I’m totally bummed that I won’t be going but I’m sure it’ll be fabulous! Maybe next time! :)

  • Abbie

    Yay! I’ll be there and I’m hoping you guys are the models for the Youngren’s workshop b/c somehow… miraculously, I got into that shoot in the mere 30 seconds it took to fill up.

  • cassandra m

    LOVE….LOVE….LOVE….LOVE….L-O-V-E the video! I just wanted to squeezed you guys through the computer. Wish I were going. Know you guys will ROCK it though. Good luck. :))

  • cassandra m

    Ps…jody, love the tat. ;) :))

  • Carlos bruno

    Did you guys do something similar here at NYC in your last visit???

  • wilj

    very cute video, guys —

    Looking forward to visiting with you both in NOLA.

  • Feuza

    I love these videos, Jody you are so cute! will miss partner con but hopefully you guys will be up in NY for your workshop very soon,

  • Kristina

    You guys are so goofy :) Love your hair Jody!

  • Alisa

    Love the video! I wish I could go. I’d love to hear what you have to say. Jody – I met you and talked with you briefly at Mafioza’s after last month’s PUG meeting. Told you about my mother fussing at me for taking photos of the mailbox when I was a little girl :) I look forward to seeing you again in the future and hopefully learning some things too! – Alisa

  • Camryn Holt

    I will be seein ya!!! I can”t wait t-4 hours and I’m on a plane!!