PartnerCon 2009 Reflections: Part I – Friends & Speaking


Where do we even start on the amazing week we had last week?  Last Thursday we  got back from Pictage‘s national conference in New Orleans called Partner Con and it was AMAZING!  We were inspired, motivated, encouraged and of course had a downright BLAST!!

With us came our good friend and amazing photographer David Molnar, and our two associate photographers (yes, you did read that correctly!  More to come soon on that!!!), Kristine and Jessica Rai.  We had so many laughs and had a great time bonding….

Nashville wedding photographers

We learned so much from all the photographers that were there and had an absolute blast meeting new friends and hanging out with old ones!  A special shout out to Jeff & Erin Youngren for being great industry leaders and keepin’ it real, Scarrlett Lillian for helping us find our inner fabs and shining bright with the love of Christ, Stephen Knuth for his awesomeness and support, Justin & Mary Marantz for rockin’ our faces off and getting our rusty gears moving again, for Jared Bauman for kicking our business brains into high gear, Jeff & Betsy McCue for becoming instant buddies and friends that we will have for a long time, Nathan & Amber Holritz for your wisdom and many laughs, and ah, there are so many more.  You’ll just have to attend PartnerCon yourself to see how amazing it is and meet all the fab & inspirational photographers.

There is so much to share so we’re going to split PartnerCon into a few blogs, from us speaking, to mentoring, modeling (ha ha you read that right! lol) and yes, the BIG GIVEAWAY!

First we do want to brag a bit on Pictage.  The Pictage team really knocked this one out of the park and made the entire event all about us photographers and helping us in our businesses. It was really cool to get to spend one on one time with the team at meet some amazing people like Scott Anderson and Lisa Allen to mention a few.  Everyone at Pictage is absolutely awesome (especially Jim Collins and Kevin Rubin!!!)  and every photographer that we talked with had nothing but great things to say about this conference!

So, as many of your may know, we were asked to speak during one of the main sessions and our topic was  “Executing the Dream.” We were on right after the amazingly talented and moving Joe Buissink which was so cool! Our talk was about figuring out your  mission statement (your reason for having a business) and making sure that your business model always reflects that. It is really important for Jody and I to have our relationship with God and each other come before our business, so we have built a business that does what we want it to, and not the other way around. We also shared our branding and marketing strategies that have gotten us to where we are and talked about how you (yes, YOU!) can run a business that meets your financial goals, as well as allows you to do the things that you truly love.

Here are some shots from the session (images courtesy of David Molnar)!

Nashville wedding photographers

Nashville wedding photographers

Nashville wedding photographers

Nashville wedding photographers

We were the last session before lunch, so we had some time to answer questions one-on-one which was really cool!

Nashville wedding photographers

Nashville wedding photographers

We had a blast speaking and sharing and we have been humbled by the feedback we have received from photographers who attended the session.  We are so blessed to be able to help and be a part of other peoples lives in the way we are!  Thank-you to all of you who came out and thank-you Pictage for choosing us!

Stay tuned for the $1,000 Westcott lighting kit giveaway!! Winner to be announced tomorrow!!

If you attended Partner Con 2009 (or have been to any other photography conferences) tell us what was so great about it! We want to hear your stories about how these types of events have helped you in your photography career, so write us some blog love and let us all know your thoughts!!

Stay tuned for more on ParnerCon2009!!

  • Ben Finch

    You guys offered such a wonderful perspective; my only regret was not getting to meet you. Thanks for your humility & willingness to be transparent; it was so refreshing. Exactly what I would expect from fellow Tennesseeans… I am going to have to drive 2 hours west to hang with you guys sometime. You guys were a pleasure!

  • Catie Ronquillo

    It was so AWESOME meeting you guys! Your story is an inspiration and I love your energy and humor :) I hope our paths cross again! I was surprised to see myself in the photo above. Lol :) Take care & God Bless.

  • Monty Jessop

    Hey Zach and Jody!
    You two are really an amazing team, you remind me of my wife and I when we were just a bit younger.(hehe) Thank you both so much for sharing your time and experiences and allowing us to connect with two truly gifted and sincere members of the Pictage family.

  • C.J. Scott

    Hey Zach + Jody! Thanks for stopping by my blog :) Totally enjoying looking at your work as well…beautiful! Ah I wish I was able to go to Partnercon…looks like it was fun!

  • ericamay

    So good to meet you guys there! Hoping to see you again soon… in Kansas City (hint hint)! :)

  • scott anderson

    LOVE you guys…a heck of a lot…thanks for all you do!

  • Kyle

    Thanks guys! I really appreciated your presentation. Thanks for being so honest about your business – not too many people would show their old biz cards! I’m just sayin’…

  • Misty

    You guys are great! So happy to have met you! Tears and all! :D

  • Ashley

    You guys should post some of your pointers from your seminar on your blog! (you know, for those not lucky enough to hear you in person!)