Personal Thoughts | Summertime Memories

It it CRAZY to think that there is only one month of summer left. Where has it gone?

Even though summers can be crazy busy, we want to encourage you all to make sure you’re setting some time aside to do what is really important – relax and enjoy the friendships of others and your family.

Every year for the last 4 years, Zach and I fly up north to go to family camp with Zach’s dad, his wife and Zach’s younger brothers. It’s such a great time to unplug and disconnect from work and the day-in and day-out responsibilities.

Below is Zach and I on the Voyager’s breakfast. Those who want to attend, sign up and you all canoe out to a campsite where you have a dee-lish breakfast made over a campfire. Complete with cowboy coffee and pineapple/cinnamon/donut fire-grilled desert!

After family camp, Zach and his dad flew back to TN to have some manly bonding time with their bikes and nature.

…And I flew to hang with my sister Jacq in Minneapolis (who is also a photographer, Jacq Photography :) along her husband Nathan and daughter, Lila. Below is Lila attending the abridged version of our IN-CAMERA: Shooting & Post workshop ;o)

So cute!

Anyway, we hope you all are having amazing summers and are taking some time to RELAX and especially be with family.

What have you done this summer, and if you haven’t done anything yet, write below and COMMIT to taking some time off and enjoy life a little!!


** ** ** For those of you in the California area, don’t forget we are coming out THIS WEEK for the FREE to attend, Shoot Dot Edit tour! For more information, visit our recent tour blog post.

Dates & Locations:

Los Angeles on Tuesday July 31st

Orange County on Wednesday August 1st

San Diego on Thursday August 2nd


See you there!