Photo Restoration – The Perfect Christmas Gift Idea

Old and damaged Photo + My Sister = awesomeness

I have to say that my sister is a super talented gal.  All of us girls (I have an older and a younger sister) are creative in our own ways thanks to both of my parents.  I want to take a moment and brag on my older sister, as well as maybe give you some ideas for Christmas shopping!

Introducing my sister Jacq (also know as Jacqueline or Jackie as I called her growing up):

Not only is my sister super organized, and loves photography (must be in the genes, check out this shot my mom took of her when we were little…aw so cute!)…

…but my sister blows me away with her talent at the computer.  Jacq for the past couple of years has worked with a company doing photo restoration and has branched out on her own.  Her work blows me away!!  She can take a water damaged photo, a faded photo, a torn photo – you name it and bring the image back to it’s original state.  It has been crazy seeing the hundreds and hundreds of projects that she has worked on and what she has done.

With a baby on the way (the first grandchild of both sides of our family!  Woo hoo) my sister has moved into freelance and fired up her own business.  So exciting!

For those of you wondering out there what meaningful Christmas gift you can give your parents, grandparents, siblings, or special someone, think about having an image restored & retouched. With technology these days and a skilled person utilizing these tools correctly, it’s amazing what memories can be pulled back and make such a meaningful gift.

Check out a small sample of her work:

Amazing, eh?  Talk about a meaningful Christmas gift for a family member or loved one.

If you’re interested in having any images restored, contact Jacq at  Mention you found her on our blog and receive a free quote.  Contact her by December 5th and receive 15% off!