Photographer Promo Shoot | Scarlett Loves Stephen

We had the super cool privilege of not only shooting Stephen Knuth and Scarlett Lillian’s wedding in Jacksonville, Florida back in April, but we also shot their promo material for their brand-spankin’ new blog-site that just launched! We LOVE the new look and feel (designed by Allison May and blog development Nick Redmond) and we really wanted to capture their vision and what they were looking for. (Click the image below to check our their new blog-site!).

Stephen & Scarlett have a very colorful and slick look both personally and professionally, so they wanted a real fashion-infusion with their promo images that also communicated the love between them. We were able to capture just those type of images which are now on their new site and we are stoked to finally be able to show them to you!

A big thanks to the sweet Chloe Austin who assisted us on this shoot!

Make sure to check out all the awesomeness they have going on their new blogsite – and leave them some love!!

Are you wanting to know some of the behind the scenes of how we shot this? Stay tuned to tomorrow’s Tuesday Photo Tips and Tricks and we will show you how we did it!