Photography DVD Review | Jeremy Cowart’s LIFEFINDER

As most of you who are familiar with us know, we are all about getting great content into the hands of photographers that truly enables them to run their businesses better, more efficiently and hopefully guide them towards the tools that will inspire them in their creative endeavors. That is exactly why we decided to review Jeremy Cowart’s Life Finder DVD in order to help those of you who follow us make an educated decision as to whether or not you should purchase this DVD.

About Jeremy:

Jeremy Cowart is a celebrity photographer who hales from Nashville, TN (go NashVegas!) and has shot images for major record labels and television, and he has done philanthropy work all over the world. He was also the creative mind behind Help Portrait which has taken off worldwide. Jeremy’s skill s are second to none when it comes to creative imagery and he is admired by photographers in every aspect of this industry. We know Jeremy personally and he has inspired parts of our work with his off-camera lighting images. But, does all of this qualify him to produce a DVD to educate you, the photographer who is looking to gain insight into how to do what you do better? Here is our review.

After watching the DVD in its entirety, we came to a few conclusions.

1. This DVD is really well produced as compared to other DVD’s that we have seen floating around the industry. That is a huge plus because the content in it is clear, easy to find and broken into chapters and spaced out into simple, easy to watch segments. The content flows well and makes sense how it was all put together and that makes it really enjoyable to watch.

2. This is not a technical DVD in its purest sense. There is some really great technical content in this DVD and Jeremy even shows some of his work-flow, but if you want to learn every detail of how to meter a light, how to place your strobe in the exact position and how to technically do everything that you see, then you may be disappointed. The great thing though is this DVD is not marketed or sold with that pretense. What this DVD IS, is Jeremy doing exactly what Jeremy does. Finding great and complex images everywhere he looks and taking you on the journey with him. Jeremy is a true artist and this DVD shows that really well. It does get into his gear bag and some of the tools and techniques that he uses, but the overall theme of this DVD is inspiration

3. This DVD takes you on REAL shoots and shows you the thought process behind how Jeremy works. This is great because you get to see shoots that were done in real time and you also get to see everything from simple, low key sessions, all the way up to a major jean campaign that Jeremy shot in studio with a full on lighting, make-up and assistant crew and how he handles all the demands from each shoot.

4. Haiti. Jeremy took a simple crew with him while he shot images just after the earthquake in Haiti and went there to simply ask the people of that country what they thought about what had happened. This section of the DVD, for us, was by far the most inspiring. Jeremy does some lighting and shoots some great compositions, but that really is not what this section is about. This part of the DVD demonstrates the power of simple story telling and how important it is to document life, and to find life even in the midst of complete devastation. It is a powerful piece of work that inspired us to no end.

5. You feel like you can get a true glimpse into what Jeremy is thinking as he narrates the different shoots he does (6 in all). This is really key, because so much of being great at photography, is how you think about the artistic side of what you are doing. This is not something that can really be taught, but because Jeremy is so transparent in his approach, you feel a connection to him and feel like you can be more creative and excited about finding something unique in your own work. There is so much about photography that is purely mathematical when it comes to the technical side, and you can learn those things through the right guidance, but it is hard to find a product that inspires, and Jeremy does a killer job at doing that on this DVD.

As far as the negative side of the DVD goes, it is honestly pretty hard to think of anything! The only thing we would repeat again is that don’t get this DVD thinking you are getting a technical guide to photography, because that is not what this DVD is about. But if you are looking for true inspiration, then this is the ticket!

In summary: Jeremy is truly an inspiring photographer and is exactly as genuine as he appears to be. This DVD will inspire you to be a better photographer, to think outside of the box and will even re-ignite your passion for shooting great images if you have lost it along the way somewhere.

2 thumbs up from the Gray’s! You could easily pay $700 or more for a workshop with a photographer of this caliber, so the price tag of $249 is a fair price to pay for what Jeremy has learned over the years and for his creative thought process to be all wrapped into one DVD.

Want to check out the DVD for yourself? Go to and get it!