Photography Workshops in Nashville, TN Completed!

Our IN-CAMERA: Light workshop is complete and we had an amazing time! The workshop was sold out and everyone came into the day ready to learn and shoot until we all dropped! It was such a fun time and we got to know some really awesome new friends and hang out with old friends that we have known for a long time. :) The workshop was held at our studio in downtown Nashville where we did some class instruction time, and then we headed out around the city to shoot! All the students got some incredible photos (some of which are posted at the bottom) and we were so proud of everyone!! Check out the images below!

Here we are in the studio talking about different lighting styles!

Then we headed out to set up our Westcott lighting gear and do a demonstration live with our models Lyndsey and Elli.

Here I am shooting the first set-up!

And the resulting image with ZERO photoshop!

We had two groups of five and Jody took her group over and set up this lighting set up and had the students shooting on it.

One of our resulting images!

This was the last set up of the day. We finally got some blue sky and the students wanted to shoot some images with it!

Here are some shots from a few of our students. It is amazing that they were able to take shots this good within one day of learning these techniques! Every student got to do their own set up and meter the lights and compose some shots, so it is really hands-on!

This image is from Evin Photography

This shot is from the awesome Mike Cowart!

This image is from Camryn Holt!

This shot is from the super cool MD Laidlaw!

Thanks everyone for coming out and making this workshop a great success!! As many of you may now know, we are heading to Jacksonville Beach, Florida for another series of workshops on December 6th and 7th, so if you are interested in signing up, go to the top of our blog and click on “Photographers” and sign up! There are still some seats left, but they will go fast!!