IN-CAMERA Photography Workshops | Coming to San Francisco!


Registration is open for the IN-CAMERA San Francisco Workshops coming December! For more information CLICK HERE to visit our workshop website.

SAN FRANCISCO, CA Registration is now Live!
IN-CAMERA: Shooting & Post (Sun, Dec 5th)
IN-CAMERA: Light 1 (Mon, Dec 6th)

BUSINESS & MARKETING: Executing the Dream (Tues, Dec 7th)

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IN-CAMERA: Shooting & Post Behind-the-Scenes Video

Videos by the fab 2Duce2.

If this is inspiring you to attend the IN-CAMERA Light workshop, we have reopened the Sold Out Nashville class to one more group. Only four seats are left! There is still space in the San Francisco workshop class. For detailed class descriptions as well as dates and pricing, visit the IN-CAMERA workshop website.

  • Sandra Brewer

    You 2 are awesome and very inspiring! Loved your about page!

  • Mapuana

    This is got to be hands down the BEST workshop that I have ever been too. When are you guys coming back to SoCal or Hawaii??

  • emily scott

    see you in san francisco :)

  • Darlene Humphreys

    you guys need to come somewhere in the south east, we southerners like you guys too!!!

  • Eric

    Hey Zach and Jody. Very proud of you guys. I remember when Zach took this photo gig as a job to make ends meet. Now look at you. Remember to keep Him involved in the biz. Take care guys. -Eric.

  • shelley k

    When are you coming to Toronto Canada??? :) let me know if you ever do, I can wrangle up a bunch of interested photogs :)

  • Tina Harden

    So want to register for this… Waiting to see what the birthday fairies bring me next week.

  • Estee

    If you came to the tri state area I would LOVE to learn from you!! (I live in N.J. and have small children) You guys are really great! I’m wondering about Jody’s tattoo on her wrist- is that too personal a question?

  • Martin

    Hi guys, Just saw your feature on the Photovision DVD and just wanted to stop by and let you know that it ROCKED!!! and it was very inspiring. Keep up the good work :-D

  • Lori Quarles

    Hey guys! I am pretty sure you REALLY want to open up just ONE more seat for the business workshop tomorrow~! COME ON I am little and won’t take up much room! don’t make me beg!

  • Angie Davis

    You guys ROCK!! I loved loved loved the workshop!

  • Shaindy

    hey, just saw your photovision feature, you guys are one amazing team. Loved it, love your site? (btw does it sasy noisi nafshi? in hebrew? mah zeh?)

  • d a v i d m o l n a r

    so i could i get a discount if i only come for 64% of the time?

  • Victoria

    I just wanted to say that you guys sucked me in. Last night I was up very late…actually until 4am reading your blog. I love the Tuesday series and it would be a dream come true to attend one of your workshops someday. Keep up the awesome job and thank you for sharing your knowledge. I’m proclaming blog-stalker status! :)

  • Janel

    So excited to meet you guys this weekend in SF! Well, Oakland, actually, which is better for me and my driving time :)