Podcast on The Camera Dojo!

To download the Podcast now, click HERE and then scroll down and click the “download” link that is right next to the iTunes button (and below the video of the dude holding the camera)!

Camera Dojo…. Sound familiar?

If not, and you’re a photographer – you are missing out!

We have the honor of being featured on Kerry’s CameraDojo podcast this week!  We give a little glimpse into what we will be speaking about at PartnerCon 2009, and will hopefully whet your appetite to hear the full shpeal and join in dialogue and Q&A’s with us in New Orleans!

A brief synopsis on CameraDojo: Orange County photographer Kerry Garrison (http://kerrygarrison.com) is the creator of CameraDojo, and his heart is essentially equipping other photographers and sharing information whether through tutorials, product reviews, articles, and CameraDojo even has a forum for photographers to share/discuss a variety of topics on photography and gear.  Last year in May, the weekly CameraDojo podcast was birthed which is now one of the top photography podcasts in iTunes (holla!) and Kerry has featured well-known photographers such as Mike LarsonScarlett Lillian, Candice Cunningham, Gene Higa (named one of the top 10 photographers in the world), celebrity photographer Robert Evans, as well as Dane Sanders (Author of FastTrack Photographer), Tom Hogarty (Lightroom Product Manager), and many others who you will just have to check out for yourself on CameraDojo’s podcast lineup.

To listen to the podcast and to subscribe, visit CameraDojo.com and leave a comment for Kerry while you’re there!