Published – Nashville Lifestyles Magazine

We have been waiting and waiting for the layout files from the editor so we could show you the real deal, but enough is enough! We have taken our own photos (hey, we are photographers after all) and we are posting away before we get any older! ;o)

Last month one of our photos was published in Nashville Lifestyles magazine in its main feature (25 Most Beautiful People) introduced by the one and only Jewel. A few months back we shot Casey & Carmen’s wedding, and Carmen Primrose was deemed one of the 25 most beautiful people this October with our photo featured in the article (p. 80)! She shares the spotlight with singer/songwriters, actors, a Tennessee Titan, a TV host, and the list goes on. Congrats Carmen!

For those who follow our posts closely you might recognize those great shoes…

  • Kristine

    That’s AWESOME!!

  • jeffandash

    congrats carmen?? yes, but congrats Zach and Jody too!
    you guys rock! – ash

  • WilCoWed

    AHA!! I was flipping through that mag at the store the other night and knew she looked familiar. congrats!

  • Jonathon Campbell

    Nice…you guys are everywhere. Congratulations!

  • allie.may

    wow! congrats!! that is so exciting :)

  • rie

    These are stunning, and I adore those shoes!!