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If you head on over to magazine stands you just might see some images of a recent wedding of ours!

We are super blessed and pumped to have our images from one of our latest weddings in People magazine. Check out the below spread and make sure to pick up the county special in stores near you.

To view more images from the beautiful wedding of Jenny & Josh, CLICK HERE or scroll below!

Vince Gill's daughter's wedding, Amy Gran, Josh & Jenny Celebrity wedding photographers, Zach & Jody Gray, People Magazine

Vince Gill's daughter's wedding, Amy Gran, Josh & Jenny Celebrity wedding photographers, Zach & Jody Gray, People Magazine, Gray Photography


Josh & Jenny – your wedding was once again, absolutely beautiful and we are so blessed that we were able to be a part of it!

  • Heather Autry

    That is absolutely incredible! What an absolutely HUGE accomplishment! Way to go, guys!

  • tasha prescott

    Wow!!!! Fabulous! Congrats Jody and Zack! What an accomplishment!

  • Thomas Lester

    Wow! That’s amazing guys! HUGE congratulations.

  • Sara Ferguson

    Once again yall have done such an amazing job!! I am so lucky to have you guys as a part of my wonderful day!! I’m so excited for yall!!

  • Anouschka

    Congrats!!! That’s so exciting!

  • Jen Johnson

    Well, WOOOOOHOO! Y’all are famous. LOVE it!

  • Melissa

    Oh that is SO exciting!!! Congratulations you two – well deserved! Such a gorgeous wedding.

  • Ashah Wood

    Congrats! This is super cool!!!!

  • Marcia Truitt

    Congratulations you guys! You did a fabulous job and it shows!

  • Courtney

    I saw on Twitter that you all had exciting news and exciting news this definitely is! Congratulations!!!

  • Shannon

    Congrats you guys! You’ve worked hard and deserve every success! Now that you’re, photographers to the stars, us common folk will never be able to afford you! ;-)

  • ashley

    holy cow!!! congrats!

  • Wes Brown

    Wow!!! Just more proof that good things happen to good people.

  • Ryan Klos

    That’s so awesome! Congrats!

  • Jeff Goins

    Wow. Impressive. Nice, guys!

  • MelissaFoscardo

    Wow, that’s so awesome! Congratulations!!

  • beka

    congratulations!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! so exciting!!!

  • Radelle

    THAT is just fantastic!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Jenny

    WOWEEEE!!! Amazing! I’m going to pick that up at the stores today. :) Congratulations!!!!!

  • Kortland Fuqua

    Great pics! Congratulations!

    • Jody Gray

      Thanks everyone!!!

  • Sarah

    Congrats! how exciting!!!!

  • feuza

    Holla! okay like PEOPLE magazine that is like BIG NIG LEAGUE! love it! you guys rock!!! woo hoo

  • Leslie Jordan

    That’s killer–you two ROCK! congrats!!!!

  • Vanessa Del Pino

    WOW! That’s awesome guys! Congrats!!! :)

  • Michael Johnson

    Very nice! Super stoked for you guys…congrats!

  • Sarah Boutwell

    That is so awesome guys! Congrats to you both…The images are gorgeous! People Magazine…I mean really?! Y’all absolutely 100% deserve it! :) Be blessed!

  • Eric Foley

    WOW!!!!!! I don’t usually like to use this term because it’s over played but I can’t think of anything else to describe this – YOU GUYS ROCKED THIS! Congratulations on this accomplishment :)

  • Corinna Hoffman

    Omigosh!!!! I literally jumped up and down for u guys!!! So happy for y’all and what a blessing :) The images are amazing!! :)

  • Kristine Neeley

    proud as ever :)

  • julie

    Wow!!! Congrats! Well deserved. So happy for you!

  • Jacqueline Washburn

    This is so COOL!!!! :-)

  • Leslie

    WOW!!! That is SOOO Awesome!! Congratulations!!!

  • Jennifer Henry

    So awesome! Congratulations! Y’all are such rockstars!!! :D

  • MB

    Absolutely stunning subjects and photography!

  • Mia Simpson

    Absolutely beautiful pictures!! Congratulations on your marriage and I wish you the best….and you obviously chose THE right photographers!! :)

  • Jennifer

    cant wait to buy it as a keepsake

  • Tony Z

    Congrats Jenny & Josh!

  • Lisa Richey

    The wedding pictures for Jenny Gill was incredible. She had to have been so thrilled with how they turned out. Beautiful!!!!!!!!!!! breathtaking

  • Jamie

    What a gorgeous bride! Looks like a beautiful beginning.

  • Tina Maria Adams

    Breathtaking Photos from a breathtaking wedding! Simply beautiful. So happy for you both and may the good Lord richly bless and keep your love alive for as long as you both shall live. Tina Maria

  • Tira J

    Congratulations Zach & Jody!!! What an awesome opportunity! The images are all priceless!!! And congrats Josh & Jenny, May God Bless you forever!!!!!

  • Cathy Frazier

    What wonderful pictrues. Josh & Jenny look so happy .I wish them the best.God Bless

  • Aubrey


  • Dale Keller

    What FANTASTIC photos of your gorgeous wedding, Jenny & Josh! I felt like I was really a part of your wedding, thanks to the beautiful photography! Gray Photography really knows how to capture everything just so beautifully & intimately for wonderful memories. Wishing you everything beautiful & wonderful in your marriage! Love, Dale Keller

  • Sammy Smith

    Congrats on your big day,you must be so happy, and what wonderful photos, they will be a lifetime of memories!

  • emilyly

    the wedding was beautiful jenny! i love the pictures!

  • Lynda Pepper

    What beautiful pictures of a beautiful couple. Wishing you the world’s longest honeymoon. :)

  • Stacy Donahue

    What an amazing day! The pictures are priceless. :) You all did such a great job and I feel very blessed to have been a part of such an amazing day. I am going to tell everyone I know to use Gray Photography. Congrats Jenny and Josh!!! Love you both very much!

  • Trish Malcolm

    Congratulations Jenny and Josh,
    Your wedding looked so picture perfect and was captured by your photographers beautifully. You will always remember this special day. Loved the picture of you looking out the window of guests arriving. Hope to see you sometime when Billie and I are in Nashville. I miss the little girl you were growing up but you were a very beautiful bride.

    Trish “Faircloth” Malcolm

  • Anna VanderHeide

    Congratulations! The pictures are breathtaking and you look radiant, Jenny. So happy for you!

  • B Smith

    Beautiful! What a beautiful family, couple…day!!! Congrats!

  • Robin

    Gray Photography did a wonderful job and got awesome photos for you to relive when you get old. Congratulations on a beautiful Wedding and thank you for honoring us by sharing with us! – so very sweet of you two!
    blessings on your marriage

  • Jaime + Chase

    CONGRATS friends!!! God is sooo good! Love you guys!

  • Sabrina Swope

    The wedding pictures are beautiful. Jenny you looked so elegant. Very pretty. Congratulations, Jenny and Josh. God Bless you both.

  • Teri

    Jenny and Josh, you guys looked amazing! So happy for you! I wish you all the happiness in the world! What a fantasy wedding!

  • Bette

    What awesome photography, Jody & Zach! I felt as though I were watching a princess marry her prince! Congratulations, Jenny & Josh! God Bless!

  • Jennifer Dunn

    What great pictures! I love them all, but especially the one in people magazine where Katie Carter and I made the background! Thanks for such great shots!

  • johnny c acuff

    Congratulations! May God Bless your marriage.You 2 look really happy together. By the way, Do Right By You would’ve been a great wedding song.

  • Carla S

    Absolutely stunning photos of your wedding! Blessings!

  • Thomas Frank

    Awesome and congrats on making People Mag. You both rock!

  • Shannon

    Wonderful pictures!

  • diane watkins

    Gorgeous pictures of what was surely a beautiful, emotional day. I especially love the one of Jenny dancing with her dad, and the one of Jenny and Corrina. I know they will treasure these photos throughout a very long and happy marriage!

  • alisha schuett

    amazing, amazing photos. so much incredible nashville talent in one gorgeous day! jenny, the video is amazing, as well…lauren’s face when you’re coming down the aisle brought me to tears. i have so much happiness for you!

  • Deanna Hemby

    It was a magical night. Gray Photography were everything you wanted your photographer to be. They came in and got all of the great shots…quietly….. so not to disturb the bride and her wedding party. and I loved the way they captured the whole day..just amazing. Great job guys…

  • Jenny miner

    Welcome to the Family Josh i am very happy that you married in to Jenny’s family You are all one big big big happy family

  • imthiaz houseman

    oh. my. goodness. that’s so awesome, congrats guys. oh, yeah… YOU KILLED THAT WEDDING. :)

  • Linda Simons

    Beautiful pictures of a beautiful couple and their family

  • Danielle Latham

    beautiful wedding on a perfect night! breath taking pictures of the most aesthetically pleasing wedding i have ever seen…jenny & josh are not bad on the eyes either! ;-) congrats!

  • Michelle Mentzer

    Your pictures are absolutely amazing!!! Congratulations!!!

  • Dana

    Beautiful pictures! Congrats to Jenny & Josh. They both looked stunning!

  • Jessica – Live: Beautiful

    yeah for the press!! Congrats – very exciting – pics look amazing. Here’s to more!

  • Jon

    You guys take the best moments of life and make them into art, incredible candid mesmerizing art..

  • Events by Elaine

    Congrats on the magazine publish… As always amazing photos!

  • Kristy Sherrells

    Congrats! and awesome job! you guys are amazing! Very inspiring! I did actually see that mag yesterday!

  • Jeff

    So rad! Congrats you guys! Wonderful images :)

  • Linda Pittman–Belle Meade Plantation

    Okay Grays….this is huge for you guys! Congratulations on a job well done as always=)

  • Katie Mae Mabry

    The BEST wedding and pictures ever! I am so glad I made it – at least half of me anyways! You guys are GREAT!!!!!!!!


    you guys rock!!! rep’ing nashville to the fullest. keep up the amazing work. proud to just know ya:).

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